Giants thrill fans at World Series parade

The Giants did all the hard work this season, bringing another World Series title home to San Francisco. Today, their fans get to thank them — loudly, and in person.

Thousands of rabid Giants fans clad in Orange and Black are already standing along Market Street, chatting, chanting and counting the minutes until their favorite Giants player rolls by in front of them.

Vehicle traffic from Van Ness Avenue east to the Embarcadero is already snarled, and commuters have found their already-crowded BART and Muni trains packed even further with eager packs of Giants fans.

SFBay reporters Chelena Goldman and Miles Aquino are on scene, and SFBay photographers Scot Tucker, Ali Thanawalla and Evan Mew are snapping up images.

SFBay will have photos and updates throughout the parade and a complete package after the parade wraps up.

Have fun, stay safe and hey: Don’t burn or destroy anything, OK? Not cool.

12:39 pm PDT

And now, proudly hoisting his MVP trophy, is Pablo Sandoval in the back of an Audi R8 Sypder!

12:36 pm PDT

Sergio Romo and his sliders of gold were followed by Brian Wilson in a cable car. Ryan Vogelsong got huge cheers, as did Marco Scu-ta-ro! Scu-ta-ro! But the crowd saved a special something for Buster Posey: MVP! MVP! MVP!

12:31 pm PDT

Hunter Pence, standing in the back of his white convertible, manic as ever!

12:28 pm PDT

Tim Lincecum leads another pack of Lexus convertibles carrying a wave of Giants players!

12:26 pm PDT

The crowd lining the parade route has stayed thick, but beyond that it has thinned out considerably. A crowd that once filled to the back of Halladie Plaza has dissipated. Headed to Civic Center?

12:23 pm PDT

The confetti has been released!!! Bits of orange, white and black confetti are traveling up past our sixth-floor vantage point at Powell and Market.

12:22 pm PDT

Brandon Crawford, Sergio Casilla, then Clay Hensley end the first wave of players.

12:20 pm PDT

The crowd goes wild for Matt Cain! Maybe the biggest cheers for a player so far.

12:19 pm PDT

And now, the players, apparently in alphabetical order! Brandon Belt is raising his arms, urging on the crowd to get louder.

12:18 pm PDT

Now we’re getting serious! Bruce Bochy in a Rolls Royce with the Commissioner’s Trophy!!

12:13 pm PDT

It would absolutely not be a party of any magnitude in San Francisco without a Chinese lion dance troupe!

12:01 pm PDT

And now, the one, the only, Giants supreme Hall of Famer Willie Mays!

11:58 am PDT

Gaylord Perry and Orlando Cepeda have just graced the crowd at Powell and Market.

The crowd is stirring, eager for the main event: Our 2012 San Francisco Giants!

11:52 am PDT

Show me the money: Giants CEO and President Larry Baer in a vintage convertible, the family of Giants mega-partner Charles Johnson, and other Giants investors just rolled through in motorized cable cars.

11:49 am PDT

Cable cars are starting to show up at Civic Center! — Chelena Goldman

11:48 am PDT

It’s the parade of current and former San Francisco Mayors! Mayor Ed Lee just rolled through in a vintage black convertible. Gavin Newsom rolled through in an Audi, followed by Willie Brown, Frank Jordan, and the Moscone and Alioto families.

11:42 am PDT

It’s cool the Giants brought their employees and stadium workers to walk the parade route. Fans are cheering in recognition of all who do the hard work to bring us exciting, safe baseball during the season!

11:40 am PDT

ESPN Deportes-sponsored truck rolls through with music and dancers to rile up the crowd. It worked!

11:36 am PDT

First a bunch of Comcast bike taxis, then Brian Sabean on a double-decker bus, the the Giants broadcasters on a fire truck!

Jesse Garnier/SFBay
Jesse Garnier/SFBay

11:29 am PDT

Fans at Civic Center are watching the beginning of the parade on huge TV screens. The crowd is tossing around balloons, beach balls, paper airplanes, toilet paper and even loaves of bread. — Chelena Goldman

11:20 am PDT

Here come our heroes!! A huge cheer of “Let’s Go Giants” just thundered through the crowd gathered around the cable car turnaround at Market and Powell.

3:41 pm PDT

Jesse Garnier/SFBay

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! The sandcastle judged best in show by this year’s judges was built by students at Garfield Elementary School and McCoppin Elementary in San Francisco! Their sandcastle depicted a kamikaze penguin jumping off an iceberg into a shark’s mouth. The project was assisted by the Design Partnership LLC, Interface Engineering, Holmes Culley, Martinkovic Milford Architects, and Plant Construction Company.

Congratulations go out not only to students from Garfield and McCoppin — and everybody involved with the winning team — but to all of this year’s participants from all teams and supporting companies!

Everybody is a winner at the Leap Sandcastle contest — literally — and SFBay will publish a complete list of winners as soon as it is available.

2:43 pm PDT

Scot Tucker/SFBay

The judges have evaluated the sandcastles and are deliberating over the winners! The 2012 Leap Sandcastle judges are John King, Urban Design Critic, San Francisco Chronicle, Margie O’Driscoll, Executive Director, AIA San FranciscoRob Cox, Artist, Joe Landon, Executive Director, California Alliance for Arts Education, Patricia Maloney, Director, Art Practical.


1:34 pm PDT

An amazing guest just dropped in off Ocean Beach for the sandcastle contest: A large whale swimming past Ocean Beach! The whale just attracted the attention off most of the sandcastle builders, drawing everyone to the waterline to catch a glimpse of the giant creature. Amazing photo by SFBay’s Eric Peterson!

Eric Peterson/SFBay

1:17 pm PDT

We told you it was sunny out here at Ocean Beach!

Jesse Garnier/SFBay

1:05 pm PDT

The sun is out! The sun is out! The fog has burned away from Ocean Beach and it’s downright comfortable. Get on out here!

12:33 pm PDT

Carrying water to keep their castles wet is a big challenge for all the teams on Ocean Beach today. Some teams use the old-standby bucket brigade. Others are getting creative, digging trenches which run from the waterline back to their sandcastles. Fewer and shorter trips for water — just pour into the trench and the water flows to the castle!

12:13 pm PDT

11:43 am PDT

Eric Peterson/SFBay

Mario has made it to Ocean Beach! Longfellow Elementary School students work away behind a scale model of their sandcastle: A real-life Mario Bros. game scene complete with game player and TV. Longfellow students are supported by volunteers from Stantec Architecture and Skanska USA Building.

11:34 am PDT

Miles Aquino/SFBay

The team from Miraloma Elementary School in San Francisco is building a sandcastle they call “Animal Olympics!” A big frog is reading a pop-up book with animals jumping into the finish line to a smaller flog. Led by Katelyn Braithwaite, 60 third-graders from three classes are being assisted by volunteers from NBBJ architects, Hensel Phelps Constructions and 3-Form Material Solutions.

11:13 am PDT

10:59 am PDT

Scot Tucker/SFBay

Ocean Beach is filling up quickly! Lots of kids, parents and observers checking out the sandcastles!

10:54 am PDT

Jesse Garnier/SFBay
28 teams — each representing a local school and supported by professional firms — are on Ocean Beach, furiously constructing their castles.

Also sprouting from the sand is a community castle effort, led by San Francisco-based Wix. Jamie Moore, Wix’s U.S. Director, says 50-60 kids are helping build a panda on a pogo stick — with a Giants logo! 15 Wix staffers are volunteering to help the kids, who, from what we can tell, are having a blast!

10:14 am PDT

The horn has sounded and the contest is underway!

It’s a brisk 56 degrees on Ocean Beach this morning, and 28 teams are finding out the best way to stay warm is to get busy — and stay busy. Massive piles of sand are starting to be formed, really the first step in building any sandcastle. What shapes will start to take form? What fantastic plans will emerge? Stick with us and find out!

8:21 pm PDT

The proverbial “one last thing”: Both Supervisor Scott Wiener and Andy Segal confirm that a streetlight at 24th and Fair Oaks was burned out the night of the attacks. Segal said the light had been burned out “for a while,” and had been reported but no action was taken by PG&E, The City, or the PUC.

8:08 pm PDT

The meeting has broken up and people are leaving. This concludes SFBay’s live coverage.

8:08 pm PDT

From PG&E’s Ontario Smith: We got a report from Scott Wiener’s office a streetlight at 24th and Fair Oaks was burned out at 7:30 a.m. Monday. Was fixed by 11:30 a.m. Unclear if light was working or not the night of the attack.

8:07 pm PDT

Arie Jongejan, friend of victim: She is alive. She is battered but recovering quickly. Emotionally, psychologically, mentally, it’s too early to tell. Since the attack, she’s had loved ones by her side 24 hours a day. Very thankful for letters and cards. They have lifted her spirits. She thanks you for that. The victim prefers you contribute financially to assist.

8:02 pm PDT

Supervisor Scott Weiner: What should people do if they think their block needs more streetlights?

PUC speaker: Call 311 and request a lighting evaluation.


7:59 pm PDT

Question: I’ve heard that the perp’s M.O. is to break the victim’s neck. Is that true? Also, how do you know the person on the video camera is the person who committed the crime?

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: No broken necks. All victims have survived. Regarding the camera, we can’t go into the investigation, but we’re confident based on the location, description, and time of day.

Question: Have other security cameras in the area been checked?

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: This is an ongoing investigation. We are checking everything. I don’t want to get into the case details, I just can’t do that. Rest assured that we are checking everything possible.

7:57 pm PDT

Question: How many rapes in San Francisco each year?

SFPD Deputy Chief Antonio Parra: About 135 sexual assaults in The City so far this year. They’re not all rapes, includes sexual battery and other types of assaults. We’ve seen some downward trends, and have had some good luck recently in making arrests and prosecuting. We have increased the number of investigators on sexual crimes, and we plan to attack this investigation very comprehensively.

7:55 pm PDT

Question: Why hasn’t The City installed more cameras?

Supervisor  Scott Wiener: It’s controversial. Some people think cameras violate people’s civil rights. There are a few in The City in high-crime locations.

7:54 pm PDT

Andy Segal: A camera can deter crime, but it doesn’t always assist the investigation. Sometimes the quality is too poor.

7:53 pm PDT

Question: How was it that the perpetrator was captured on surveillance video, and how important is that to solving crimes?

SFPD Deputy Chief Antonio Parra: We need all tips and reports, no matter how small they are. We were fortunate that a private property owner had technology working at the time. Unfortunately, the perpetrator noticed the camera, and turned away. Look at his movements. Look at his clothing. Did you get home late? Did you see this person? Did he bump into you? Say something? Anything.

7:51 pm PDT

Question: Why hasn’t more been done to get this word out? I just found out this morning at the bus stop.

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: A report of the first attack near 24th and Potrero was distributed in that neighborhood to businesses and on the Internet.

7:48 pm PDT

Question: We haven’t noticed any increased police presence.

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: Some of our officers are undercover. If you notice them, they’re not doing their job. We are working as hard as we can to keep the neighborhood safe.

7:47 pm PDT

Supervisor Scott Weiner is introducing a question and answer period.

7:47 pm PDT

Andy Segal: Have set up GMail group for neighborhood to stay in touch. That will allow the group to communicate, and if we see something we’re concerned about we can get that out to everybody.

7:45 pm PDT

Jerdine Clarke, Victim Advocate, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office: The community has come out and said this is not OK. It’s great to see everybody here showing support to the survivors.

7:43 pm PDT

Carla Short, Department of Public Works: Really impressive turnout, atrocious set of events. Encourages property owners to install their own lights. The Brava Theater on 24th & York does this really well. Call 311 to notify DPW of trees that are blocking lights and need to be trimmed. If you want to trim your own tree, contact DPW. It’s important to do it correctly or the new growth can grow back even denser, blocking more light.

7:41 pm PDT

Ontario Smith, PG&E: Use 311, Use the PG&E Web site at to file a report about a non-functional streetlight.

Found out the streetlight at 24th & Fair Oaks was burned out on Monday morning. It was fixed by Tuesday. We try to move quickly on these reports.

7:39 pm PDT

PUC speaker: Lighting in The City is a joint effort between PG&E and the PUC. Residents need to call 311.

PG&E speaker: Our hearts go out to the survivors. We want to be here to show our support in recognition of our role in maintaining public safety.

7:38 pm PDT

Supervisor Scott Weiner: Neighborhood Watch programs are really key to fighting crime. Contact SF Safe to organize block-by-block and get help forming a Neighborhood Watch program.

Lighting kept coming up over and over again as a potential issue. Especially on Fair Oaks, with beautiful mature trees. Made an unfortunate choice years ago to install streetlights that focus on the streets, for cars, not on the sidewalks for pedestrians.

Introducing speakers from the PUC and PG&E to speak about lighting.

If you see a light out, call 311 and get a tracking number. If it isn’t fixed in a few days, e-mail it to Wiener’s office and he will follow up.

7:34 pm PDT

Rob McKenzie: Talking about securing your property. Lights are important but it’s not just about brightness. Lights need to be aimed properly. Gates work better than fences, since you can see through gates. Fences block views and people might not be able to see crimes which are occurring. has more information about how to secure your property and your community.

7:32 pm PDT

Appears there are between 150 and 200 people at the meeting. The pews at St. James are nearly full throughout the church.

7:31 pm PDT

Andy Segal: We want to address healing our neighborhood and healing our community. A candelight vigil was held from 24th and Fair Oaks to St. James Church.

Rob McKenzie (name not confirmed), from SF Safe will tell us what we can do to protect our private property.

7:28 pm PDT

District Attorney George Gascon: We have been in contact with the victims and are working with them, their support networks, and the community at large. That’s one part of what we do. The second part is working with the police department to make sure they get prepare a case that can be presented to a jury.

7:26 pm PDT

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: You are our eyes and our ears. If you see or hear anything, it’s important to call us. Call 911. We need to know. We need to find whoever is committing these crimes.

Yesterday Mayor Ed Lee established a 25K reward for information that leads to the capture of the suspect.

7:23 pm PDT

SFPD Commander Michael Biel: Chief Suhr could not attend due to a prior engagement. “This case is a top priority of his, and a top priority of mine.”

SFPD will use all of its resources to bring this perpetrator to justice. “Horrific, tragic acts of violence.” The victims were choked, sexually assaulted, and robbed.

“We’ve had five meetings in the last two days to bring together all of our resources to put together a plan to saturate the 24th Street corridor.”

7:19 pm PDT

Jerdine Clarke, Victim Advocate, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. “Take a look around you and realize that you’re not alone.”

We’ve done a lot to reach out to the victims. Neighbors sent personal cards that we have taken to the survivor. We’ve set up easels in the back of the room that you can sign to show your support.

Clark says they have established a 24th Street Survivors Fund. Money will be distributed to victims for them to use or donate to a cause.

7:17 pm PDT

Supervisor David Campos: “To loved ones and those who know the victims: Our hearts go out to you, whatever we can do to ease the pain. Thank you so much for caring so much about this neighborhood. Let’s make something positive from this very negative thing that happened.”

7:15 pm PDT

Supervisor David Campos: “We as City officials need to put whatever resources at the disposal of the community to make sure something like this does not happen again.”

We have approached every City department to make sure resources are gathered and made available for the community.

“We need to take steps to make our communities safter. That is a commitment from me.”

7:14 pm PDT

Supervisor David Campos is now speaking. “The first thing I want to underscore is that it doesn’t matter where something happens, it can happen anywhere in The City.”

7:13 pm PDT

Supervisor Scott Weiner has taken the microphone. “We need to join together to make sure this monster is brought to justice. Lighting, trees, and other issues can all play a part. “Need to make sure our neighborhood is as safe as can be.”

7:09 pm PDT

Andy Segal of the Fair Oaks Community Coalition has opened the meeting. Said he lives only five doors down from the second attack at 24th and Fair Oaks.

7:07 pm PDT

Our story from Monday on the rapes: Violent Mission rapes have police seeking help

3:33 am PDT

All of the live protest streams are now down or intermittent. Last images showed thin crowds with many dispersing. SFBay signing off for the evening.

2:22 am PDT

Another UStream has come back online, this one from AnonMedics.

1:54 am PDT

OakFoSho UStream live stream at 15th and Broadway has just captured police on loudspeaker announcing an unlawful assembly. The stream was down while camera operator Spencer changed the battery in his Droid X — a battery brought to him by supporters on Twitter watching his feed.

Here, live from Downtown Oakland, is the OakFoSho stream:

Free live streaming by Ustream

1:34 am PDT

Multiple live streams on UStream and Livestream are covering the tense standoff between police and protesters.

  • OakFoSho
  • Occupy Oakland


1:25 am PDT

Numerous Twitter reports of a homeless man being shot with a rubber bullet by police.

1:14 am PDT

Oakland North (@northoaklandnow) is tweeting that police are warning that everyone remaining inside the camp at Broadway and 14th will soon be arrested.

12:14 am PDT

Police have fired teargas into the crowd in downtown Oakland, @Thomas_Peele tweets.

6:56 pm PDT

Tweeters estimate between 5,000 and 50,000 on hand at Port of Oakland. Let’s say 10,000.

6:37 pm PDT

Line of police cars headed for Port of Oakland, says KGO traffic reporter Dave Fowkes.

6:29 pm PDT

SFBay’s Scot Tucker is now at the Port of Oakland and made this picture before sunset.

Marchers climb atop equipment at the Port of Oakland after effectively shutting down the business there about 5 p.m. Wednesday evening. (Scot Tucker/SFBay)

5:33 pm PDT

Live helicopter footage over the Port of Oakland (KGO-TV)

5:19 pm PDT

Multiple tweets (@SFExaminer, @thomas_peele) say protesters are at the Port of Oakland and are blocking trucks from exiting.

3:28 pm PDT

Numerous Tweeters reporting black bloc sightings and incidents at Occupy Oakland march: “march through Oakland is pretty tense. marchers have to constantly protect buildings from black bloc.” (@FourYawkeyWay) “Black bloc throws paint, attempts smash window at UC office.” (@BayReporta)

3:23 pm PDT

Police cars blocking 14th & Jefferson. (JournalismSandy/Golden Gate Xpress via Twitter)

3:00 pm PDT

Oakland Local’s Flickr stream is chock full of Occupy images this afternoon.

2:48 pm PDT

KGO-7 tweets that things are “getting rowdy in Oakland. Some people are throwing things outside Whole Foods but others are trying to stop them.” One minute before, NBC Bay Area tweeted that protesters just “thrashed a Starbucks Whole Foods.” And the Bay Citizen reports a shattered Chase bank window at 20th and Webster.

2:31 pm PDT

Picture from JenAngel via Twitter, taken at 1:31 p.m. PDT this afternoon at 14th & Broadway in Oakland.

12:57 pm PDT

Four minutes of raw video from Occupy Oakland march this afternoon. (KGO-7)

12:37 pm PDT

AP via KGO-7 reports the port was “operating as normal” and “most” longshoreman have showed up for work today.

12:30 pm PDT

Dock worker tells Truthout that Port of Oakland is operating at 40-50 percent capacity.

11:16 am PDT

Marchers have gathered in front of the Wells Fargo Bank branch at 12th and Broadway. The bank may have been closed before protestors arrived. Occupy Oakland pegs the crowd at 5,000 people. (OakTrib)

9:34 am PDT

Oakland Tribune is reporting that longshoremen have understaffed the morning shift at the Port of Oakland, resulting in a shutdown.

9:21 am PDT

Some resources to keep track of Wednesday’s march in Oakland as it happens: