Giants thrill fans at World Series parade

The Giants did all the hard work this season, bringing another World Series title home to San Francisco. Today, their fans get to thank them — loudly, and in person.

Thousands of rabid Giants fans clad in Orange and Black are already standing along Market Street, chatting, chanting and counting the minutes until their favorite Giants player rolls by in front of them.

Vehicle traffic from Van Ness Avenue east to the Embarcadero is already snarled, and commuters have found their already-crowded BART and Muni trains packed even further with eager packs of Giants fans.

SFBay reporters Chelena Goldman and Miles Aquino are on scene, and SFBay photographers Scot Tucker, Ali Thanawalla and Evan Mew are snapping up images.

SFBay will have photos and updates throughout the parade and a complete package after the parade wraps up.

Have fun, stay safe and hey: Don’t burn or destroy anything, OK? Not cool.

12:39 pm PST

And now, proudly hoisting his MVP trophy, is Pablo Sandoval in the back of an Audi R8 Sypder!

12:36 pm PST

Sergio Romo and his sliders of gold were followed by Brian Wilson in a cable car. Ryan Vogelsong got huge cheers, as did Marco Scu-ta-ro! Scu-ta-ro! But the crowd saved a special something for Buster Posey: MVP! MVP! MVP!

12:31 pm PST

Hunter Pence, standing in the back of his white convertible, manic as ever!

12:28 pm PST

Tim Lincecum leads another pack of Lexus convertibles carrying a wave of Giants players!

12:26 pm PST

The crowd lining the parade route has stayed thick, but beyond that it has thinned out considerably. A crowd that once filled to the back of Halladie Plaza has dissipated. Headed to Civic Center?

12:23 pm PST

The confetti has been released!!! Bits of orange, white and black confetti are traveling up past our sixth-floor vantage point at Powell and Market.

12:22 pm PST

Brandon Crawford, Sergio Casilla, then Clay Hensley end the first wave of players.

12:20 pm PST

The crowd goes wild for Matt Cain! Maybe the biggest cheers for a player so far.

12:19 pm PST

And now, the players, apparently in alphabetical order! Brandon Belt is raising his arms, urging on the crowd to get louder.

12:18 pm PST

Now we’re getting serious! Bruce Bochy in a Rolls Royce with the Commissioner’s Trophy!!

12:13 pm PST

It would absolutely not be a party of any magnitude in San Francisco without a Chinese lion dance troupe!

12:01 pm PST

And now, the one, the only, Giants supreme Hall of Famer Willie Mays!

11:58 am PST

Gaylord Perry and Orlando Cepeda have just graced the crowd at Powell and Market.

The crowd is stirring, eager for the main event: Our 2012 San Francisco Giants!

11:52 am PST

Show me the money: Giants CEO and President Larry Baer in a vintage convertible, the family of Giants mega-partner Charles Johnson, and other Giants investors just rolled through in motorized cable cars.

11:49 am PST

Cable cars are starting to show up at Civic Center! — Chelena Goldman

11:48 am PST

It’s the parade of current and former San Francisco Mayors! Mayor Ed Lee just rolled through in a vintage black convertible. Gavin Newsom rolled through in an Audi, followed by Willie Brown, Frank Jordan, and the Moscone and Alioto families.

11:42 am PST

It’s cool the Giants brought their employees and stadium workers to walk the parade route. Fans are cheering in recognition of all who do the hard work to bring us exciting, safe baseball during the season!

11:40 am PST

ESPN Deportes-sponsored truck rolls through with music and dancers to rile up the crowd. It worked!

11:36 am PST

First a bunch of Comcast bike taxis, then Brian Sabean on a double-decker bus, the the Giants broadcasters on a fire truck!

Jesse Garnier/SFBay
Jesse Garnier/SFBay

11:29 am PST

Fans at Civic Center are watching the beginning of the parade on huge TV screens. The crowd is tossing around balloons, beach balls, paper airplanes, toilet paper and even loaves of bread. — Chelena Goldman

11:20 am PST

Here come our heroes!! A huge cheer of “Let’s Go Giants” just thundered through the crowd gathered around the cable car turnaround at Market and Powell.