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July 23, 2014

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About SFBay

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Welcome to SFBay! We are a locally-owned, home-grown, San Francisco Bay Area media startup.

One day we realized Bay Area media at every level was owned by out-of-town, mostly New York-based companies. The firms that control most “major” Bay Area media outlets are in fact headquartered just blocks from one another — in midtown Manhattan.

Help SFBay change this dynamic by visiting, linking to and supporting locally-owned media companies like us. Our mission at SFBay is to build a fresh media brand in, of and from the San Francisco Bay Area.

SFBay editors and reporters cover the Bay Area with original coverage you won’t find anywhere else. SFBay stories and photos have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Grantland, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, SFGate, the San Francisco Examiner, the Anchorage Daily NewsNBC Sports, Salon Magazine, Discover MagazineWired and others.

SFBay is credentialed to cover Bay Area professional and collegiate sports including the World Series, the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland A’s, the San Jose Sharks, the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Earthquakes, the San Jose SaberCats and Cal basketball.

SFBay’s original photography sets apart our coverage of Bay Area news and sports from other local digital providers. And SFBay’s photo and multimedia team deliver photo galleries, video and immersive 360-degree experiences.

SFBay also scours the Web for the best coverage of Bay Area news, sports, culture, events and more. We summarize, enhance and add value to stories from more than 100 Bay Area sources.

We hope we can count on your support as we work to carry out our mission.

Original images on SFBay are produced by SFBay photographers, who retain full copyright over their images. Other photography is reproduced under a Creative Commons or other open content license, or with the express permission of the original copyright holder.

SFBay.ca is a production of SFBay Media Associates LLC, all rights reserved.

SFBay Staff

  • Miles Garnier
  • Emma Boczek
  • Jerold Chinn, Transportation Editor
  • Robert Cartagena
  • Jesse D. Garnier, Editor
  • Samuel Fragoso
  • Kerry Freyne
  • Gabriella Gamboa, Photographer
  • Eric He
  • Victoria Nguyen
  • Jason Leskiw
  • Jake Montero
  • Daniel A. Nelson
  • Shayna Rubin
  • Ali Thanawalla
  • Sarah Todd, Sports Director
  • Scot Tucker, Director of Photography
  • Curtis Uemura
  • Godofredo Vasquez, Photographer
  • Shawn Whelchel
  • Olympia Zampathas

Founder & CEO

  • Jesse D. Garnier


  • Miles Garnier, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Scot Tucker, SF State University
  • Robert Hernandez, USC Annenberg
  • Gerhard Stochl, VICE
  • Andreas Tzortzis, Red Bulletin


  • Sean Connelley
  • Katy Newton

Thank you

Special thanks to Scott Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Kathryn Tam, Joe Shoulak, David Cohn, Suzanne Yada, Chris Mascari, Andrew DeVigal, Tasha Cain, Dottie Katzeff, Eva Martinez, Charlie Winfield, Gerri McGlone, Ben Schein, Sonia Fuentes, Neale Kavanagh, Lovina Aquino, Kevin Wagner, Payton Wagner, Tonee Aquino, Julio Villanueva, Miranda Bettencourt, Jordi Olivella, Shea Shawnson, Stephen Lam, Greg Hager, Tracy Hager, Sabrina Hager, MariNaomi, Jon Funabiki, Venise Wagner, Jason Ables, Kerry Annef, Max Garrone and the countless other friends who did small things and made small sacrifices for this effort.

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