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July 13, 2014

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The 49ers stadium in Santa Clara will be named Levi's Stadium in an exclusive — and expensive — partnership.
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A new UC Berkeley study found that stuff you're smearing on your lips could be toxic to your health.
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Millions in tolls thought owed by government agencies turned out to be figments of a flawed system.

City pushes to create 6,000 youth jobs

Mayor Ed Lee is urging local companies and The City to create at least 6,000 summer jobs for San Francisco youth.
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Muir Beach closing up shop for summer

Just as the Bay Area is heating up, the Park Service announces Muir Beach will shut this summer.
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A new bill would allow the homeless to legally sit, sleep and solicit donations without being cited.
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Cloud of pot smoke hangs over Yosemite

Thousands have been cited or arrested for drug use and possession at Yosemite National Park in recent years.
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1906 ceremony looks a little different

Revelers gathered to remember 1906 despite a forced relocation and no survivors in attendance.

NASA orders up new satellite from UC Berkeley

NASA is forking over $200 million to create a satellite that will determine how Earth's weather affects weather in space.
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BART set to cut SFO employees a break

After years of expensive commutes, SFO employees may finally be left with a little extra change in their pockets.
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Stuck-up America’s Cup ban food trucks

For seemingly no real reason, food trucks have been completely banned from America's Cup events later this year.

Lasers cure cocaine addiction in rats

Work by UCSF researchers found laser light aimed at part of the brain can zap away cocaine addiction in rats.

Bay Area painfully remembers Oikos shooting

On the one-year anniversary, the Bay Area remembers the seven victims killed in the tragic Oikos University shooting.
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You can blame the newest round of federal cutbacks for dirty national park bathrooms and closed visitor centers.
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Bay Bridge plagued by busted bolts

Just when we thought it was all going smoothly, the Bay Bridge had to go and bust its bolts.
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At long last, Devil’s Slide tunnels open

It only took 76 years to conceive of and complete the twin tunnels that replaced the dangerous old Highway 1 at Devil's Slide.
As competition for office space in the Bay Area heats up, officials look to create new incentives to keep tech companies in the region.
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SF Carnaval twirls into trouble

San Francisco's famous Mission District Carnaval festival is in jeopardy after facing financial difficulties.
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Bay Bridge demolition could stretch for years

It's taken decades for the new Bay Bridge to be built, so perhaps it's natural the old one will take years to dismantle.

New app reads your car’s ‘mind’

A new smartphone app — and a $70 dongle for your car — can diagnose your whip's woes without a trip to your shady mechanic or weird "cousin."
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The Bay Area edged other areas in "mega-commuters," people who slog more than 90 minutes and 50 miles to work.
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Proposed bike and pedestrian improvements to Polk Street have businesses and residents worrying about losing parking spaces.

Skydiving accident prompts Internet backlash

After video of a dangerous skydiving incident prompted a federal investigation, Internet commenters are slamming the victim.
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Silicon Valley execs shell out for charity

A new report shows young Silicon Valley executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are generous with their money toward charity.
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The City is pushing a bill for more car-share parking, while environmental groups like the Sierra Club are pushing back.

Activist Hari Dillon sent to prison for fraud

Former social activist and Vanguard Foundation CEO Hari Dillon was sentenced to prison this week for embezzling $2.5 million.

Fake doctor accused of stealing credit cards

Yolanda Smith is accused of donning a white lab coat to pose as a doctor at local hospitals, then swiping credit cards from nurses' purses.

Flaming art exhibit scorches SF gallery

Igniting a U.S. map made of matchsticks was the easy part. The fire department was needed to help put it out.
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Pier 39 sea lions ring in 23 years of howling

The City's famously loud sea lions have officially resided at Pier 39 for 23 years this month.
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SF supes push ban on outdoor smoking

Snuff out your cigarettes San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors are getting serious.
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Supervisor wants SFO renamed for Harvey Milk

Supervisor David Campos is set to propose legislation to rename San Francisco International Airport after slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk.
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A little less Muni goes a long way

After reducing service during the last week in December, Muni is looking for other times of the year to do it again.
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Marin's famous rock arch at Tennessee Cove met its fate last week when it collapsed into the pounding waves below.
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Complaints pile up over SF taxicabs

Rider complaints about San Francisco's 1,500 licensed taxicabs are up more than 13 percent from last year.
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State parks reveal more financial bungling

A state probe found the California parks department overpaid more than $500,000 to 200 employees.
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Duboce Park faces vote on Historic District

The Historic Preservation Commission will vote this week on making the Duboce Park neighborhood a historic landmark.
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