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April 24, 2014

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SFMTA plans budget town hall meetings


The SFMTA is opening public comment Thursday on its latest budget proposal.

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A proposed charter amendment would set aside $70 million for public transit in low-income neighborhoods.

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President Barack Obama is urging Congress to complete a stalled immigration overhaul — amid GOP opposition.

In a move to attract more voters, Marin’s Republican central committee now supports same-sex marriage.

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo is free on bail after allegedly attempting to break into a neighbor’s home Saturday.

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Lawmakers have found a way to honor former S.F. mayor and assembly speaker Willie Brown.

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Atherton fusses over Obama security bill


Atherton is threatening homeowners with $8,000 liens to cover costs for a visit from President Obama.

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A US Senate committee opened debate Thursday on an immigration reform bill backed by President Barack Obama.

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Margaret Thatcher’s legacy lives on


London’s flags are at half-staff after Britain’s “Iron Lady” passed on Monday at the age of 87.

Following numerous complaints from residents, legislation has been introduced to ban any new bars on Polk Street.

Ordinance could pit renters against home­buyers


Some struggling home buyers in San Francisco could find themselves in a conflict with renters over Tenancy in Common conversions.

GOP waters down Violence against Women Act


When the Violence Against Women Act came up for renewal last year, changes by the U.S. Senate faced resistance in the House.

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Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold addresses the corrupting influence of money in politics this Saturday in Los Altos Hills.

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The White House released a photo of President Barack Obama skeet shooting in an apparent bid to allay concerns of gun owners.

Holding multiple jobs is hardly a rarity these days. Most people who do so, though, aren’t collecting two state paychecks.

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John Mackey is no longer saying the Affordable Care Act is tantamount to “socialism.” Now, it’s “fascism.”

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Supervisor wants SFO renamed for Harvey Milk


Supervisor David Campos is set to propose legislation to rename San Francisco International Airport after slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

Unaffordable SF lauded for affordable housing


Despite sky-high rental prices, San Francisco is being heralded as a paragon of affordable housing.

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Grab a ringside seat for Obama-Romney II


Take time Tuesday to watch a Mormon from Massachusetts duke it out with a lawyer from Chicago.

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San Francisco jolts public power to life


Big bad PG&E? or big bad Royal Dutch Shell? That’s a choice San Francisco residents could face as soon as next year.

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Hetch Hetchy drain plug in voters’ hands


In November, San Francisco voters will give a strong yank on the drain plug of Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite.

Fire stations in the area could not stay afloat after residents voted against Measure S, which would have created more revenue for the district.

California split over legal marijuana


A new poll found that Californians aren’t as hip to pot as previously thought, with only about half supporting legalization.

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Pelosi squeezes between JFK and MLK


Nancy Pelosi’s usual cacaphony of critics – and even some supporters – are calling her out over a rare honor she received Monday.

Quan recall unlikely as deadlines loom


Groups are rushing to gather enough signatures to recall Oakland Mayor Jean Quan before their deadline approaches.

Battling it out over new smoking tax


When it comes to another dollar in taxes on a pack of cigarettes, supporters and opponents are making their voices heard.

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May Day of unrest in The City


After a few months of relative quiet, the Occupy movement erupted yesterday, taking to the streets once again in disruptive protest.


A hunting ban to bark about


Animal lovers get behind a new bill that seeks to ban dogs from hunting bears and bobcats in California.

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A Navy ship named for Harvey Milk


The next ship in the Navy’s fleet could be named USS Harvey Milk if a San Diego County congressman has his way.

Occupy protesters turned farmers


Occupiers took over UC-owned land destined to become a Whole Foods Market and turned it into a farm.

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Facebook makes it rain in D.C.


Facebook showers its likes dollars on both sides of the aisle, starting with House Speaker John Boehner.

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Turns out that closing dozens of California state parks in order to save money won’t be as easy, or cheap, as the state hoped.

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Occupy squatters deliver fresh twist


After a winter of losing ground to police and local governments, Occupy has stepped up a new tactic: squatting.

Yes We Code, Says Obama Campaign


The Obama campaign has opened a “technology field office” in the Bay to get techies involved in the campaign.

Oakland pot school on the struggle


Oakland’s most famous establishment of higher education has fallen on not so high times.

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Quan mobilizes against possible recall


Following 15 months of controversial leadership, the signature drive against Oakland Mayor Jean Quan could put her on a recall ballot.

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