July 22, 2014

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The San Francisco 49ers displayed solid defense while uncovering some depth behind Colin Kaepernick.

What to watch for: 49ers-Chiefs

Here are five positions fans should keep an eye on during tonight's 49ers preseason game at Kansas City.
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Crabtree: Alex Smith didn’t trust me enough

Without realizing it, Michael Crabtree took a shot at Alex Smith when he said his current quarterback trusts him more.
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49ers ship Alex Smith to Kansas City

The 49ers have reportedly traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Chiefs in exchange for draft picks in this year's and next year's draft.
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Alex Smith’s last days in San Francisco

The Alex Smith era in San Francisco is likely to end on March 12 when NFL teams can start making trades.

Harbaugh standing by his guy Kaepernick

Sorry Alex Smith fans, but Jim Harbaugh isn't going back to your boy unless he has no option.
49ers coach Jim Harbaugh announced he is sticking with the hot hand: Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday against the Rams.

Harbaugh sticks to middle on quarterback

Hey Jim Harbaugh: You have one starting quarterback. His name is Colin Kaepernick. Make it official and stop all this drama.

Kaepernick impresses in 49ers starting debut

The 49ers should give concussed Alex Smith some more time to rest — like the rest of the season.

Alex Smith won’t play Monday night

Alex Smith was not able to pass tests administered by a neurologist and will not be allowed to play against Chicago.

Harbaugh hospitalized for wonky heartbeat

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was absent from Thursday practice after being taken to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat.

Alex Smith looks set to play against Bears

Niners QB Alex Smith was cleared by a neurologist to resume non-contact practice, but evaded questions about playing Monday night.

What do you mean the Niners tied?

As early as Wednesday of last week, I already had a feeling that Sunday afternoon's game was going to be a little weird.
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Bochy tips his cap to Alex Smith

Word up to Alex Smith: Coach Boch' has your back. The Giants skipper sported a 49ers cap during his morning presser.

NFL knocks Giants cap off Alex Smith’s head

49ers QB Alex Smith wants to show support for the Giants' playoff run. But the NFL won't let him anymore.

49ers dominate Packers, 30-22

The 49ers passed their first test with flying colors, sending the Packers packing at home in a 30-22 win.
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Jim Harbaugh and his golden quotes

We'd like to pay tribute to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh's ability to turn any hum-drum press conference into sports-news gold.
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Harbaugh back to boasting about Smith

Head coaches should be bragging about their QBs. If they aren't, they should be starting someone else.
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49ers need a next-level Alex Smith

When it comes to quarterback in the NFL, so much comes down to "what have you done for me lately?"
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Alex Smith launches war of words

Comments from the 49ers QB about Carolina Panthers' signal-caller Cam Newton have blown up on Twitter and beyond.
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Alex Smith has got weapons now

It's time for Alex Smith to build on last year's success. Anything less will be considered a failure.
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Smith and Niners kiss and make up

High school girls should have been lining up this past week to take pouty-teen lessons from the Niners QB.

Manning leaves 49ers scrambling

Without Alex Smith, the 49ers' options are murky at best. They could always call the Broncos and ask about some kid named Tebow.

Alex Smith’s price tag just went up

Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! That's Alex Smith's new ringtone, because he's about to get paid.

Late game failures doom 49ers

49er fans, spare Kyle Williams. Instead, aim your venom at Alex Smith, who reverted to his old form late in the game.

49ers march to miracle win

In a game that 49ers fans will never forget, Alex Smith propelled the 49ers over the Saints with two late 4th quarter touchdown drives.
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Alex Smith can see clearly now

The 49ers quarterback has traded some extra protection for a clearer view of the field.

Alex Smith: Team leader or pretender?

Is Alex Smith having a breakout year worthy of a top-ranked quarterback? Or is he just a now-better player on a now-better team?
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Alex Smith a Pro Bowl QB? That’s crazy talk

Unless Alex Smith joined the Professional Bowlers Association, he is not a Pro Bowler. Sorry Jimbo, but it's the truth.

Harrison out, Big Ben iffy for 49ers

Wait wait wait, hold the phone. No Big Ben or James Harrison? Shut. The front. Door ... Are you serious?!?
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Smith needs to find his inner Tebow

Alex Smith is going to have to step up his game down the stretch if the 49ers hope to win a game in the playoffs.

49ers exposed by Ravens

By pressuring Alex Smith all night, the Ravens may have drawn up the perfect game plan to beat the 49ers.
Coming off a shoulder injury in 2010, Alex Smith is having solid season and people are starting to take notice.

49ers keep on rolling

The San Francisco 49ers are 8-1. Wrap your head around that. The Niners' stingy defense stopped a late comeback attempt by the New York Giants and held on for an impressive 27-20 win.
NFL Coaches praise their players every week. And usually, it's warranted. But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh may have just made the rare exception.