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July 22, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘animals’

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A sea lion that was shot and left for dead in 2009 is believed to have fathered a pup.
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Pig virus plumps pork prices

A deadly pig virus has been sweeping through U.S. farms and driving up pork prices.

Thieves ditch stolen SUV, leave dog to die

For car theft victim Michael McVey, the tragedy wasn't losing his car, it was losing his dog.

Witnesses watch SF police car crush Chihuahua

Bystanders say they watched an SFPD cruiser run over and kill a Chihuahua in the Richmond.
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Do rats have souls?

Researchers have shown dying rats may undergo something similar to near-death experiences. But so what?
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A critter that looks like a mix between a raccoon and a teddy bear is the first 'new' Western Hemisphere carnivore in 35 years.
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Baby swans emerge at Palace of Fine Arts

After a tough few years for the swans at the Palace of Fine Arts, things may finally be ready to turn the corner.

Wayward horses close freeway off-ramp

Two horses were seen just "hanging out" on the 680 northbound ramp in the Martinez area around 2 a.m. Sunday.
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Cute kitties make for ruthless killers

Biologists estimate domestic cats in the U.S. kill up to 3.7 billion birds and as many as 20.7 billion small mammals each year.
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Pier 39 sea lions ring in 23 years of howling

The City's famously loud sea lions have officially resided at Pier 39 for 23 years this month.
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Zoo pens eulogy to departed chimp

The SF Zoo posted a heartfelt farewell to Tallulah, their "Matriarch Of The Chimpanzees," who died Sunday.
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California's lack of snow is no problem for Obi, a sled dog a thousand miles from the North Pole.
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Zoo penguins croon for Christmas

Who's black and white, really cute, and smells vaguely of fish? A bunch of penguins from the San Francisco Zoo.
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Where Marin’s wild things are

At the Point Reyes National Seashore, cameras have caught nearly 60 rarely-seen species.
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Zoo taps shrink to cheer confined beasts

You probably won't see animal psychologist Terry Maple placing a pair of gi-normous sunglasses on a horse's face.

There’s a camel in them there hills

Residents of a Pittsburg apartment complex have noticed a new, humped neighbor roaming around their property.

Video prompts slaughter­house shutdown

Animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing provided hours of video showing inhumane conditions and practices.

Drunk enough to slap a pig at the fair

22-year-old James Anthony Horn isn't going to be able to order a side of bacon from here on out without getting made fun of.

Owlet hatches on camera, not on cue

It took a few more days than expected, but the first owlet at Hayward's Sulphur Creek Nature Center finally cracked through its shell.
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Watch Hayward’s baby owls enter the world

A webcam set up in their owl box guarantees web watchers a front-row seat to the owlets' first moments.

Baby wallaby almost ready for a hop-about

A new baby animal at the San Francisco Zoo is making an appearance just in time for spring.

The World’s Ugliest Dog has died

Yoda, the reigning World's Ugliest Dog, had a face only an adopted mother — and a panel of judges — could love.
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Baby giraffe hits the ground walking

After a few weeks of laying low, Maggie the giraffe makes her public debut at the Oakland Zoo today.