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April 21, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘bicycling’

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In a famously bike-friendly city, cyclists are earning a reputation for recklessness and arrogance.

No jail for bicyclist who killed pedestrian


A bicyclist who hit and killed an elderly man as he walked through a crosswalk will avoid any jail time in a plea deal.

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Air-sparing bike sharing coming in August


Local air quality and transit officials are set to launch a $7 million bike-sharing program in August.

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One key to safer streets in San Francisco is stiffer enforcement of bicycle traffic laws, according to a civil grand jury.

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Slovakia’s Sagan surges to Stage 3 win


Peter Sagan earned his ninth career Tour of California stage victory in the 110-mile trek from Palmdale to Santa Clarita.

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San Francisco’s vibrant bicycling community is about to get some real-time validation.

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Bikers break in Fell Street safety lane


A few painted stripes for a few blocks on Fell is a huge step forward for bicycle safety in The City.

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A new report shows bicycling in San Francisco has exploded in recent years, yet our infrastructure still lags.

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Santa Rosa police are on the lookout for a driver in his 70s that ran down a bicyclist from behind on a golf course fairway.

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BART opens doors to more bikes


BART is finally cutting bike riders a break and will test a new plan to allow bikes on the cars at all hours.

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Pro bikers blitz through Bay Area


Hey jumbo. Yeah you. Try riding your bike two city blocks at flat-out top speed. Now try four. Then eight.

Wiggle to the office on Bike to Work Day


Leave it to San Francisco’s most famous bike route to inspire a campy jingle and commercial.

Pony Express redux, hold the pony


Two Bay Area locals are planning to ride their bikes across country for charity — and to carry letters to New Yorkers.

Human crossing in the works on I-580


After years of near impassibility, the I-580 corridor between Dublin and Pleasanton will soon be friendlier to bikers and hikers.

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City’s wiggle goes way back


The route of The City’s famous bypass of pesky hills goes back all the way to the indigenous Ohlone.

In The City, take your bike, trust me


Yesterday I drove my girlfriend’s car to one of The City’s less bike-friendly neighborhoods. I came to regret that decision.

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Bart bike bandits are keeping busy


The stripped-down bicycle carcass is popping up at suburban Bart stations more and more now.

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Dating game puts ‘Love on Wheels’


Like “The Dating Game,” this yearly event gives singles the opportunity to ask hidden suitors questions laden with thinly-concealed bike-related innuendo.

It detects bicyclists with a deft pulse of microwave radiation, and adjusts traffic lights to accomodate their distinct pace. If you ride a bike, it could save your life.

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The good news is that designers have cooked up designs for a pedestrian and bicycle path on the western span of the Bay Bridge. The bad news is nobody has any idea how to pay for it.