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July 25, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘Board of Supervisors’

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Funding aims to reduce homeless­ness

An additional $1.4 million may mean fewer homeless on City streets.
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SF plastic bottle ban targets ‘Big Soda’

CITY HALL — New legislation would stem free-flowing profits for bottled water producers.
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CITY HALL — A "soda tax" tax may splash into The City thanks to an impending ballot measure.
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SF supes back shielding criminals’ pasts

CITY HALL — The Board of Supervisors unanimously backed a "ban-the-box" ordinance Tuesday.
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Tenants rights get boost from SF Supes

The Board acted to curb tenant harassment from landlords, and urged changes in the Ellis Act.

CEQA circus swirls to a close

Citizens appealing City decisions about any large building project now have a clear set of rules for filing the paperwork.
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New food truck rules reign in San Francisco

Food trucks in The City will now have to stay further away from brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Supes float plan to help working families

The proposed ballot measure would give workers the right to request a predictable work schedules from their employers.
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The extra-large serving of proposed restrictions is aimed at placating The City's restaurants.

CEQA reform is a bit like herding cats

Supervisor Scott Wiener is trying revise City codes dealing with the California Environmental Quality Act.

Supes flip-flop on condo conversion

Two supervisors withdrew support for their own TIC conversion proposal, yet others sent it out of committee and onto the full Board.

Ex-offenders struggle to find housing

Because of The City's lack of low-income housing, 47 percent of ex-offenders are left to live on the streets.
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The City is pushing a bill for more car-share parking, while environmental groups like the Sierra Club are pushing back.
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SF supes push ban on outdoor smoking

Snuff out your cigarettes San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors are getting serious.
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Phone books refuse to just go away

As it turns out, the yellow pages clogging up your front door are two pounds of bound and printed free speech.

Supes pass Wiener ban

Sorry San Francisco nudists, the Board of Supervisors has passed a law banning public nudity except during special events.
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Roxie ready for beer and a movie

Remember before you reached legal drinking age, when it was cool to get an adult to buy your crew a couple forties to sneak into a late movie?
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San Francisco jolts public power to life

Big bad PG&E? or big bad Royal Dutch Shell? That's a choice San Francisco residents could face as soon as next year.