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July 23, 2014

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Keeping Buster Posey safe at home

AT&T PARK — As Buster Posey filmed a commercial, Hunter Pence addressed some harsh memories.
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Giants legends honor MVP Posey

Buster Posey received his 2012 MVP award at AT&T Park flanked by Giants legends and MVPs of decades past.
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Posey scores record Giants payday

Buster Posey, the heart and soul of the Giants, will be a well-paid member of the franchise until at least 2021.
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Posey’s ankle no longer a concern

Buster Posey isn't concerned about his ankle, but the Giants should still handle him with care.
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Giants toss one-year deals at Posey, Pence

The San Francisco Giants dodged salary arbitration with MVP Buster Posey and Playoff Preacher Hunter Pence by giving them big pay raises for 2013.
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Giants, Posey need to hammer out deal now

Why haven't the Giants re-signed Buster Posey to a long-term deal? The answer: It's complicated.
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Buster Posey adds MVP to his collection

Buster Posey is putting together quite the career. Rookie of the Year, World Series champ and now MVP.
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Buster Posey takes home first Silver Slugger

The baseball season just wrapped up for the Giants and the accolades are beginning to roll in for Giants catcher Buster Posey.

Buster Posey’s path to greatness

Rookie of the Year. World Series champion. Batting title. MVP, maybe. Buster Posey is pretty special, don't you think?

Buster Posey honored with Willie Mac Award

Who better to win an award given to a player whose mix of hard work and gentlemanly swag stands out than Buster Posey?
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This Week In Orange: The New Hotness

When I was trying to find some good victory music to blare in the Giants' honor, I instinctively looked for something old school.
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You're all true-bleeding Orange & Black fans, yeah? Then stop your boo-hoo-ing and continue supporting the guys.
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This Week In Orange: Techno Viking Edition

That's right, Giants Nation. You heard me. Right-fielder Hunter Pence has officially been dubbed The Techno Viking!
The Giants close out the first-half in Pittsburgh and could use some positive mojo heading into the break.
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Posey, Cousins on different paths

Looking fully recovered from his leg injury, Buster Posey had an impressive April. Scott Cousins? Not so much.

Buster busts one outta the park

So normally, nobody counts home runs hit during Spring Training. Except for when you’re San Fran’s favorite Opie-faced catcher.

Buster is back

Boy, we needed that. Boy, he needed that. A fit, relieved, and admittedly nervous Buster Posey took the field in Scottsdale for the first time since last May.

Giants being cautious with Posey

The Giants are happy with Buster Posey's progress, but they aren't going to rush him back.
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Bochy’s attempt at protecting Posey

Bruce Bochy is taking an unusual approach to avoid another serious injury to Buster Posey.
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Run, Buster, Run!

The most important left leg in the Giants organization is sprinting and running three times a week.

A post-Beltranian Giants lineup

After the departure of Carlos Beltran for St. Louis, big bad manager Bruce Bochy has a number of options for building a more effective batting lineup.

POSEY’S (getting) BETTER!

The last time we saw Buster Posey on the field was back on May 25, when he was pummeled at home plate by Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins. Then we had to relive it over and over — in…