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April 24, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘California’

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Radiation found on state beaches is from natural materials, not from Fukushima, a new report says.

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Chinese wine seeks to quench global thirst


China is planting more vineyards as producers in France and California struggle to keep up.

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Water is key to a thriving California


Three-quarters of California precipitation falls up north. Three-quarters is consumed down south.

Bay Area economy doing A-OK


While numerous California cities have been hit hard by the effects of the recession, the Bay Area seems to be bouncing back just fine.

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A new Field Poll indicates 64 percent of Golden State residents support legal action to save the planet.

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World drinks up Califor­nia wine


US wine exports — 90 percent from California — brought in $1.43 billion in revenues as demand grew around the world.

California Community Colleges and CSU’s Associate Degree for Transfer program enrollment continues to steadily grow.

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California gas prices creep upward


Pull out your wallets, California. Gas prices have jumped 45 cents in the last month alone.

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When it comes to pet ownership across the nation, the Golden State barely gets off the ground.

Holding multiple jobs is hardly a rarity these days. Most people who do so, though, aren’t collecting two state paychecks.

A new poll indicates a growing sea change in how Californians feel about immigration.


The Golden State’s gun background check system may become a model for other state’s policies.

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Jerry Brown: ‘California is back’


Gov. Jerry Brown gave new hope to California and its future in his State of the State address.

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Califor­nians united by our fault


Scientists are studying whether a massive quake could strike both Northern and Southern California in one fell swoop.

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Five dollar gas is back — and it hurts


Feeling a sharp pain at the gas station? It’s cash being ripped from your pocket at an alarming rate.

Fresh push for a higher minimum wage


For all the progress we’ve made in the last half-century, today’s minimum wage buys less than it did back in 1956.

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Freakin’ French want to ban our vino


A French official is calling for a boycott of California wines in response to our foie gras ban.


Filmmakers document blacklisted parks


Last May, three filmmakers took off in a converted airport shuttle to document 70 of California’s State Parks threatened due to budget cuts.

Radioactive tuna found off California coast


Cesium-134 and 137 isotopes from Japan’s Fukushima disaster have been detected in bluefish tuna caught near San DIego.

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Wineries battle over baby vines


A shortage of young vines is making vintners scramble to expand amid rising demand for California wine.

Though it’s now long gone, radioactive iodine from Japan was detected just weeks after last year’s nuclear disaster.

Texas vs. California in the Economy Bowl


With a lower unemployment rate and better job growth, Texas is scoring while California can’t seem to move the ball.

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California wine pops cork on new record


California winemakers may have hip hoppers Drake and Trey Songz to thank for a record year of wine sales.

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Salmon are jumping this year


Salmon lovers rejoice – Bay Area fishermen are baiting up for what should be the best salmon season since 2005.

San Jose expecting free Wi-Fi


San Jose is taking a large yet predictable step in defending its (self proclaimed) title – “Capital of Silicon Valley.”

Jobless benefit extension cuts both ways


President Obama signed an unemployment extension bill today that also slashes the maximum length of benefits by six months.

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Preventing the shame of repeated injustice


As people gathered to remember Japanese internment during World War II, some also worried that it could happen again.

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California drops behind in world economies


California’s economy has taken a hit lately, enough to drop it behind an up-and-coming country on the world economic rankings.


Cal, Stanford setting the pace in Pac-12


Prior to the season, UCLA was picked to in the Pac-12, but two months in, Cal and Stanford are looking like the top dogs.

Californians leaving for the Lone Star state


The state of Texas seems to have an appeal for recession-fatigued Californians, who last year uprooted in noticeable droves.