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April 24, 2014

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Thieves ditch stolen SUV, leave dog to die


For car theft victim Michael McVey, the tragedy wasn’t losing his car, it was losing his dog.

Malicious meatballs worry SF dog owners


Dog owners are on alert again after fresh discoveries of possibly tainted meatballs.

Witnesses watch SF police car crush Chihuahua


Bystanders say they watched an SFPD cruiser run over and kill a Chihuahua in the Richmond.

A war veteran’s service dog that became spooked and ran away from its owner was found dead on a highway.

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Scientists crack code of cat allergies


Fresh research could pave the way to treat people afflicted with allergies to cats and dogs.

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SF law keeps dog walkers on short leash


If walking half a dozen dogs was easy, there would be no need for a new San Francisco law that took effect July 1.

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SF startup brings wearable tech to dogs


Whistle is launching a smart pendant that tracks physical activity levels and sleep patterns in your pooch.

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SF dogs have a taste for the mailman


Some dogs in San Francisco know exactly where their favorite bone is: In their mail carrier’s arm.

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Crissy Field unleashes dog concerns


This month’s death of two goslings has prompted Crissy Field visitors to speak out about the dangers off-leash dogs.

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California’s lack of snow is no problem for Obi, a sled dog a thousand miles from the North Pole.

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‘Shrek’ donkey mauled in dog attack


Perry, Palo Alto’s famed miniature donkey, is recovering after being mauled by the same loose dog for the second time.

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Another dog dies in the friendly skies


Michael Jarboe’s Neapolitan mastiff "Bam Bam" arrived at SFO dead after a flight from Miami and a four-hour layover in Houston.

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Rabid bats haunt Lake Merced


A fifth rabid bat found near Lake Merced this year has prompted a warning from health officials.

Donations buy K-9 cops bulletproof vests


In a victory for man’s best friend, 14 Bay Area police dogs are now the proud owners of custom bulletproof vests.

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Muttville throws senior dogs a bone


In just five years, Muttville has placed more than 1,300 rescued senior dogs in loving homes around the Bay Area.

Too many doggies getting stoned


Northern California vets report more dogs are requiring treatment after eating marijuana. And the effects aren’t pretty.

Cal students get much-needed puppy love


Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation is out to prove that a little puppy love can go a long way.


A hunting ban to bark about


Animal lovers get behind a new bill that seeks to ban dogs from hunting bears and bobcats in California.

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SPCA: Say no to puppy mills


Stop looking at that puppy in the window, ditch the puppy mills, and head to your local shelter to adopt a dog.

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Marin shelter dogs fetch a lifeline


The fate of pound pooches in Marin is looking brighter thanks to a cocker spaniel named Copper.

Wily coyotes have prompted Golden Gate Park officials to bar dogs from certain areas, starting today.

Fallen show dog star rescued in Oakland


The once meticulously groomed champion shih tzu was found limping along Thermal Street entangled in chicken wire.

The World’s Ugliest Dog has died


Yoda, the reigning World’s Ugliest Dog, had a face only an adopted mother — and a panel of judges — could love.

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It’s a dog-leash-dog world


Keep Fido on a leash. That’s the lesson experts are advising canine owners after a rash of dog-on-dog attacks in The City.

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Somebody throw Wonder Dog a bone


It’s all sad puppy eyes as we blow a slobbery kiss “goodbye” to Wonder Dog’s Fillmore office.

Dog snubs Frank Lloyd Wright


What do the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and a doghouse in Marin have in common? Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Dog park with views to bark about


You can add yet another dog park with amazing views to San Francisco’s impressive list.

Ranger tases man for off-leash dogs


A man walking two small dogs was tased by a federal park ranger after refusing an order to leash his animals.

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Downtown doggies have a new place to pee


The tree box on the corner has got nothing on this little slice of doggie heaven in the shadow of the Bay Bridge.

Teach your dog physics


I often tell people my dog is smarter than I am. Now, he has a chance to prove it.
From drinking out of the toilet to “strategic” pooping, Physics for Dogs: A Crash Course in Catching Cats, Frisbees and Cars…