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July 23, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘environment’

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Gophers, squirrels blamed for Bay toxins

Small rodents are being blamed for the release of dangerous toxins into San Francisco Bay.
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Lake Tahoe battles to stay blue

Lake Tahoe's famously clear waters could be imperiled by development after building rules were relaxed.
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Choking smog stifles Chinese city

Clouds of pollution blanketed a Chinese city famed for its annual ice festival Monday, cutting visibility to about 30 feet.
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Grand jury seeks to stretch Marin bag ban

A Marin grand jury has recommended a plastic bag ban be extended throughout the county.
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Muir Beach closing up shop for summer

Just as the Bay Area is heating up, the Park Service announces Muir Beach will shut this summer.
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Sonoma Coast welcomes new seal pups

Seal pup season has officially started with cute baby seals beginning to appear all along the Sonoma County Coast.
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A new Field Poll indicates 64 percent of Golden State residents support legal action to save the planet.
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No more Drakes Bay means pricier oysters

If the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejects Drakes Bay's final appeal to stay open, oyster prices might skyrocket.
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‘Forward on Climate’ rallies for change

Thousands of people gathered on the waterfront Sunday demanding the Obama administration confront climate change.

Electric taxi plan didn’t take off

After years of scrambling for funding, it looks like San Francisco has slammed the brakes on its electric taxi initiative.
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Bay Area wetlands now even more special

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, several Bay Area wetlands officially became the nation's 35th "wetland of importance".
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President Barack Obama vowed to make climate change a priority as he was sworn in Monday on the steps of the Capitol.
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President Obama's renewed promises to protect the Earth's climate are up against some frozen-solid political positions.
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Bay Area ranks high for air quality

A new study shows the Bay Area ranks No. 15 on a list of the top 25 metro regions with the best air quality.
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New City building is greener than thou

The sleek new glass tower at Golden Gate and Polk is set to be the greenest building in the country. But being green also means spending green.
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Students push for greener markers

A group of Bay Area kids are petitioning Crayola to start recycling their used plastic pens.
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Wildfire risk surges due to lack of rain

A dry winter and spring could bring dangerous fire conditions across parched California this summer.
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Pipe down, Bay Area

The scrub jay, a bird common to the Bay Area, may be packing up to find a new, quieter home.
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Take a deep breath while you can

Depending on who you believe, California is either winning or failing in its battle against air pollution.
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Japan tsunami debris drifting our way

Like a tragic message in a bottle, debris from the tsunami that ravaged Japan last year is slowly and steadily floating to the West Coast.

Do Plants Hear? Sort of

Don't party around your plants -- new research suggests the noise might affect them.
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Bay trash is everybody’s problem

A new study has broken the bad news of just how much garbage ends up flowing into the San Francisco Bay each year.
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It’s frogs vs. golfers at Sharp Park

If the video game Frogger were real, then Sharp Park is that strip of grass you rest on between the speeding cars and the floating logs.