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July 22, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘Food’

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Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen welcomed Grocery Outlet to Visitacion Valley.
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Paris chefs are rebelling against the unforgiving and constant scrutiny of the common smartphone.
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Jelly Belly announced Hefeweizen-flavored jelly beans over the weekend in San Francisco.
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You Can Make This: Classic holiday cookies

Show your oven some lovin' this holiday season with ginger snaps or candy cane cookies.
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Give new life to Thanks­giving leftovers

Get creative and embrace your leftovers: No need for four days of sandwiches.
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Last-minute Thanks­giving rescue menu

You've been busy. You've been tired. Now Thanksgiving dinner is just two days away. Don't panic.
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Frozen bird? Salty potatoes? Here are solutions to some common Thanksgiving Day kitchen disasters.
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Turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table. But save a slice of the spotlight for these sides.
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US takes steps to ban unsafe trans fats

Regulators Thursday took steps to ban synthetic fats from processed foods like microwave popcorn and frozen pizzas.
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You Can Make This: Honey glazed shrimp

This delicious 15-minute meal is said to be based on a very ancient recipe.
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Vegan Kitchen: Quinoa zucchini burgers

These veggie burgers are for the times when an elegant salad won't hit the spot. Like right now this second.
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Nutty war rages at Bay Area schools

With peanut allergies on the rise, Bay Area school officials are revamping menus to make them peanut-free -- or close to it.
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Potato salad gets all dressed up in barely anything at all: herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, and slivers of cured salmon.
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You Can Make This: Ice cream magic shell

You know that crunchy magic shell that hardens over your favorite ice cream? It only needs two ingredients.
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This waffle — whose name abandons all notions of subtlety and restraint — is perfectly, surprisingly delicate.
The rally highlights the ongoing, increasingly contentious contract dispute between ballpark workers and management.
A former executive with The Wine Tasting Network is a wanted man after he failed to show up in federal court Monday.
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Vegan Kitchen: Pizza, hold the cheese

Fresh vegetables and bold sauce make vegan pizza as exciting as its cheesy counterparts.
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You Can Make This: Picnic with a twist

These summer picnic dishes are delicious and meant to impress — while withstanding travel and time in the sun.
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A simple pleasure of a spring salad with asparagus and soft-boiled eggs, meant to be enjoyed alone.
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You can make this: Homemade mayo

On a trip to Spain, I encountered a pillowy white condiment made with milk and oil — and not a trace of egg.
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Pasta done in 60 seconds

We've got 3 ways to cook pasta — and they all work — including one method that needs just 60 seconds.
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The ongoing battle over the fate of Drakes Bay Oyster Company has created some strange bedfellows.
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The secret to an artichoke’s heart

Like all things beautiful and rare, artichokes — the greenmarket's thorny belles — are tough to crack.
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While each family has their own way — the right way — here are ten great recipes for classic Italian pastas.
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Pea shoots: The taste of spring

Maximize pea shoots’ short season with a week’s worth of meals, and learn how to extend it by growing your own.
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At last, asparagus

We've been waiting for this moment. We've watched the days get lighter, felt the sun get warmer. And now, asparagus!

Know This Love: You are what you eat

The food that you consume literally becomes you as your body discards old cells and replaces them with new ones.
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7×7 celebrates 2013 Eat + Drink winners

This week The City was all about a different type of awards ceremony — one that handed out bronze Piggy Awards.
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The ‘stache behind Tango & Stache

The man with the moustache rolls out his soul food pop-up Sunday at Asiento in the Mission.
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Willie Brown is no Michael Bauer, but he knows his pickle jars and a "good" burger when he sees one.
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Berlin hipsters devour SF burritos

They're far from sloppy and strictly for the daytime, but San Francisco burritos have found a following in Berlin.
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No more ‘pink slime’ at Safeway

Facing heavy criticism from consumers, Safeway announced it will no longer sell fresh ground beef mixed with "pink slime."
Dolores Park has absolutely exploded as a chill-spot magnet over the last decade. Now, as with most popular things, people want to make some money off this large, thirsty crowd.

LivingSocial targets big-spending foodies

Food lovers rejoice! LivingSocial, the daily coupon site that offers everything from half-off surfing lessons to 2-for-1 sandwiches, is gearing up to launch a service aimed specifically towards those with discerning palettes. The invitation-only site, known as LivingSocial Gourmet, will…