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July 13, 2014

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Sonoma braces for ‘monster’ casino opening

Amid furious debate, California's largest casino in Rohnert Park is ready to start dealing cards Tuesday.
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Ten reasons to skip ‘Runner Runner’

Brad Furman's lastest film Runner, Runner is an emotionless cinematic experience based on a dated script about online gambling.

A push for legal sports betting in California

One California senator is gambling that legalizing sports betting in the state would be a win-win for all.

Porn and gambling, all in a day’s work

SF Public Utilities Commission employees have been accused of watching porn and gambling on their work computers.

Bettin’ or Braggin: All the marbles

Entering the last week of the pro football regular season, SFBay prognosticators have split into winners and losers.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Two-minute offense

Bettin' or Braggin' is late this week, and not because we just needed more work on our no-huddle.

Bettin’ Or Braggin’: Easy come, easy go

It took six weeks to play out, but big bets finally led to big trouble in the world of Bettin' or Braggin'.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: On a roll

After five weeks, a 22-7 record against the spread, and a 3,700-SFBay Buck-sized bulge in my leatherette bi-fold, I'm finally willing to admit: I'm kicking butt.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Week three blues

Well, well, well. This betting thing. Not as easy as it looks, eh? Not like I can complain though. I've had two solid weeks betting pro football.

Bookie killer faces life in prison

After an Alameda man realized he couldn’t pay his gambling debts, he took matters into his own hands.
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Feds reject another Richmond casino

Sorry, Bay Area gamblers. Looks like you'll still have to drive to Reno or Vegas to lose your money on real casino-style games.