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July 10, 2014

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If approved Friday, the net’s construction will take about three years.
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Bridge tolls will increase by $1 on April 7 on their way as much as $8 by 2018.
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Golden Gate Bridge district seeks $7 tolls

Proposed hikes would bump Golden Gate Bridge tolls to as high as $8 by 2018.
A big rig and trailer crashed into a tollbooth when the driver tried to use a lane that was too small for his truck.
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Sun sets on Golden Gate Bridge toll takers

After a long, slow goodbye, the Golden Gate Bridge's toll booths will be closed and covered Wednesday morning.
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The days of digging out cash and stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza will soon be over.
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Homespun DeLorean hovers around SF Bay

Matthew Riese and his DeLorean-cum-hovercraft was caught on camera gliding over the Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge.
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Muni looks to stretch its most scenic route

One of Muni's quirkiest, least-frequent and most-scenic bus routes could be facing a major expansion.
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Space Shuttle flyover dazzles Bay Area

Bay Area denizens of all conceivable types paused for a few special moments Friday morning.

Golden Gate safety barrier just down the road

After years of waiting, a movable barrier is set to be installed on the Golden Gate Bridge next year.
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Fog lifts for birthday fireworks

Sunday's daytime clouds cleared up right on schedule to delight thousands with a show for the ages.
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Overload of weekend awesome

Finding something spectacular to do this weekend in The City is easy. Recovering may be the tough part.
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One more Golden Gate Bridge builder turns up

The City thought it had its last Golden Gate Bridge worker last month. Turns out there's at least one more left.
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Prepping the GGB to survive a huge quake

While the new Doyle Drive bypass went off this weekend without a hitch, seismic retrofitting on the Golden Gate Bridge continues.

GGB traffic about to get a lot worse

Heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend? Your trip may be a slow one due to Doyle Drive construction.
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The Golden Gate Bridge in your living room

Forget about just staring at photos or walking across it. Now you can put your drink on it.
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Orange you glad it’s not gray

Ever want to paint your house or building the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge? Here's how.
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Golden Gate Bridge going cashless

Toll takers at the Golden Gate Bridge will soon go the way of the dodo, the dinosaur and the dollar cup of coffee.

Inscribed Golden Gate Bridge bricks shattered

Locals came out to the Golden Gate Bridge and shed tears yesterday as jack hammers tore up 7,500 bricks sold to donors decades ago.
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The grand dame of Bay Area bridges is turning 75, and is holding a two-day party along the waterfront to celebrate.

Second grader breaks Golden Gate swim record

Even though it’s only Friday, we’re going to go ahead and name Ella Woodhead our Bay Area person of the week. When most of us were sloppily hitting the snooze button on our alarms yesterday morning, seven-year-old Woodhead was in…