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July 24, 2014

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About 20 demonstrators showed up outside of Google Inc. headquarters in Mountain View.
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Google self-driving car rolls closer to reality

Google is making progress toward a car that can operate without human intervention.
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An appeal seeking CEQA review of the commuter shuttle pilot program was voted down.
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Google plunks $6.8 million in Muni farebox

Google will foot the bill for two years of the SFMTA's free Muni for youth program.
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Google on Wednesday ramped up its drive to build out super-fast Internet access in the United States.
A mystery barge being built by Google on Treasure Island may be told to cast off.
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Google launched a test run of a private ferry from the East Bay to Silicon Valley.
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Shuttle operators will need to pay to pick up and drop off in 200 Muni stops around The City.
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Google has seen a big jump in requests from world governments to remove online content.
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Mystery SF Bay barge linked to Google

Tech-savvy sleuths suspect an enormous floating barge in San Francisco Bay is a Google datacenter.
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The keenly-anticipated Moto X smartphone aims to revive the withered mobile device maker bought by Google for $12.5 billion.
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Apple's share of the global smartphone market fell to 13.6 percent, its lowest level since 2010.
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Google revealed lofty plans on Saturday to send balloons to the edge of space to bring the Internet all corners of the planet.
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Security guard union challenges Google

Union members rallied at Google Thursday to protest working conditions for guards at the Internet giant.
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Google splashes music, goodies at I/O

A packed crowd soaked up every minute of the 3-1/2 hour Google keynote, including rare remarks from CEO Larry Page.
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Google ‘Now’ makes jump to iOS

Google announced Monday it will offer its personal assistant app "Google Now" to users of Apple devices.
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Google helps you plan for the afterlife

Ever wonder what will happen to your emails and social media accounts when you die? Don't worry, Google's got your back.
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Google ‘Fiber’ stretches to Texas

Austin, Texas will be the next U.S. city to be hooked by Google up with blazing-fast, gigabit-speed Internet service.
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Many spend Easter worshiping The Risen One, though others — including Google — are honoring the birthday of labor leader Cesar Chavez.
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While Google continues to clean house, the Internet was upset to find they've axed everyone's favorite RSS reader.
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Google showed off their highly-anticipated Google Glass at this week's South by Southwest conference.
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Silicon Valley execs shell out for charity

A new report shows young Silicon Valley executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are generous with their money toward charity.
'Siri' may offer witty comebacks for certain questions, but in tests, Google's voice search was faster and more accurate.

Google legally dodges billions in taxes

Google avoided paying billions in federal income tax last year by shifting nearly $10 billion in revenue to Bermuda.
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Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Tuesday allowing the testing of self-driving cars in California.
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Google your way through California parks

You can now take a stunning, panoramic virtual road trip through California's state and national parks right from your computer or smartphone.
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NASA wearing Google-colored Goggles

For a Hyundai more than $100,000 a month, Google big wigs get to park their jets at Moffett Field.
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Tech shuttles boost SF real estate

The rumbling of a shuttle picking up commuters near your San Francisco home is actually the sound of your property value going up.
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Seeing through Google’s goggles

In this day and age, people are too smart to be fed dreamy crap with little to back it up.

Self-driving car makes a run for the border

Engineers at Google have a definite vision for the future. Thankfully for Taco Bell, that vision includes sour cream and salsa.

Google+ hangs out underwater

Google+ tries to amp up its cool factor with an underwater hangout at the Great Barrier Reef.
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Google Gets Big for Its Britches

Google has held onto its "Don't Be Evil" motto, but many believe they've gone to the dark side anyway.
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Get ready to give a robot the finger

This week legislation was announced that would officially open California’s roads to robocars.
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Google grows and grows

Tech giant Google has grown larger and faster than most companies even dream of, and they're not about to slow down.