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July 25, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘Jim Harbaugh’

The San Francisco 49ers earned their second straight victory, smacking the Houston Texans 34-3.
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49ers cut Daniels on backup QB quest

On Tuesday the 49ers made several unexpected moves, including cutting versatile preseason star B.J. Daniels.

49ers in crisis mode after loss to Colts

The 49ers have been outscored 56-10 the past two games and are now in the first crisis of the Harbaugh era.
Several storylines steeped in Stanford success surround Sunday’s 49ers-Colts game at Candlestick Park.
The 49ers got thoroughly beat Sunday night in Seattle, losing the highly-anticipated game to the Seahawks 29-3.
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Harbaugh hits back at Clay Matthews

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh threw a verbal punch at long-haired Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.
Saturday was a tough day for the 49ers' coaching staff and players as the team cut the roster to 53 players.

What to watch for: 49ers-Chiefs

Here are five positions fans should keep an eye on during tonight's 49ers preseason game at Kansas City.
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49ers shift into stealth mode

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers showed glimpses of explosiveness in their last training camp practice open to the media.

49ers safeties scuffle for snaps

The competition to make the 49ers 53-man roster escalated into a tussle between players on the practice field.

Harbaugh rocks backwards turtleneck

TV cameras caught something a little out of place in Jim Harbaugh's wardrobe during Saturday's playoff game.
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Harbaugh gives Akers thumbs up

Despite staying vague all week, Jim Harbaugh announced Friday that David Akers will kick in Saturday's divisional playoff game.

49ers-Packers: This ain’t Week 1, kids

Niners blogs from here to Timbuktu are talking about this Saturday as a "Week 1 rematch" with the Packers. Honey, please.

49ers headed for Harbaugh-Luck showdown

The 49ers still have important business to handle this season, but their opponents for next season have been revealed.

Harbaugh standing by his guy Kaepernick

Sorry Alex Smith fans, but Jim Harbaugh isn't going back to your boy unless he has no option.
49ers coach Jim Harbaugh announced he is sticking with the hot hand: Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday against the Rams.

Harbaugh sticks to middle on quarterback

Hey Jim Harbaugh: You have one starting quarterback. His name is Colin Kaepernick. Make it official and stop all this drama.

Harbaugh hospitalized for wonky heartbeat

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was absent from Thursday practice after being taken to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat.
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Bochy tips his cap to Alex Smith

Word up to Alex Smith: Coach Boch' has your back. The Giants skipper sported a 49ers cap during his morning presser.
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Jim Harbaugh and his golden quotes

We'd like to pay tribute to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh's ability to turn any hum-drum press conference into sports-news gold.

Brandon Jacobs dodges major knee injury

It might have been a 49ers preseason game, but that didn't make Brandon Jacobs' knee injury Saturday any less nail-bite-worthy.
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Harbaugh back to boasting about Smith

Head coaches should be bragging about their QBs. If they aren't, they should be starting someone else.

Harbaugh’s hiring opened doors

Jim Harbaugh's success with the 49ers didn't go unnoticed by the Chicago White Sox when they went manager shopping.
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Moss sets pace for 49ers wide receivers

As a quintet of 49ers wide receivers battle it out in training camp, Randy Moss is looking sharp and showing veteran leadership.
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Harbaugh dredges up old Manning remarks

Oh, Coach Harbaugh, how we love thee. And not just because you led the Red & Gold to playoff sweetness last season.

49ers round out their air attack

The 49ers resigned speedster Ted Ginn and brought in a new quarterback Jim Harbaugh has called a "beloved son."
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Playoff game? Har-badger don’t care

Leave it to coach Harbaugh to take a YouTube sensation and turn it into a motivational tool.
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Alex Smith a Pro Bowl QB? That’s crazy talk

Unless Alex Smith joined the Professional Bowlers Association, he is not a Pro Bowler. Sorry Jimbo, but it's the truth.
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Are sports fans thinking about how much mash and gravy they’re going to devour on Thanksgiving? Heck no. They’re thinking about the Har-Bowl, baby!
NFL Coaches praise their players every week. And usually, it's warranted. But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh may have just made the rare exception.

Jim Harbaugh is defying the odds

In January, when Jim Harbaugh bolted for Candlestick Point, I was skeptical. If coaches like Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier couldn't find NFL success, why should Harbaugh?

Harbaugh-Schwartz: What’s your deal II

Jim Harbaugh gave Lions head coach Jim Schwartz what Harbaugh called a "little too hard" of a handshake, nearly goading Schwartz into a full-blown tête-à-tête.