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April 19, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘marijuana’

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A naturally occurring hormone defends the brain against the high caused by marijuana.

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Uruguay lawmakers legalize marijuana


Uruguay approved pioneering legislation to become the first nation in the world to legalize marijuana.

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Morocco mulls medicinal marijuana


Moroccan lawmakers hosted an unprecedented debate Wednesday on legalizing cannabis.

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Lebanese marijuana grower Abu Sami is practically rubbing his hands together with glee.

Woman arrested after hash oil explosion


An explosion led Santa Rosa police to more than 100 pounds of marijuana and a secret hash oil laboratory.

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Dalai Lama says ‘si’ to medical pot


While visiting Mexico Tuesday, the Dalai Lama weighed in on the marijuana legalization debate — and wore a sombrero.

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Decades of global war against heroin, cocaine and marijuana has resulted in cheaper, purer drugs.

A 22-year-old man is in serious trouble with the law after authorities say they seized hundreds of marijuana plants.

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LA voters clamp down on medical marijuana


In a city whose medical marijuana laws resembled the Wild West, a historic election has finally brought some order.

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Cloud of pot smoke hangs over Yosemite


Thousands have been cited or arrested for drug use and possession at Yosemite National Park in recent years.


Firefighters stumbled upon hundreds of marijuana plants while putting out a garage fire in San Jose.

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There are now officially two medical marijuana initiatives on the table for California’s largest city.

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Drug czar kills medical marijuana buzz


U.S. “Drug Czar” Gil Kerlikowske bashed both medical and recreational marijuana at a law enforcement conference in San Francisco.

Police dog sniffs out gift-wrapped marijuana


Novato police dog "Metz" picked up the scent of three pounds of pot wrapped as Christmas gifts during a traffic stop.

Senate leader floats legal pot


The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee suggested in a letter to the U.S. Drug Czar that Congress may consider legalizing marijuana.

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Los Angeles pot club battle heats up


Supporters hoping to derail a ban on marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles filed 72,000 signatures with the city Friday.

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Drugged-up drivers in a lane near you


A new survey shows twice as many California drivers tested positive for drugs than for alcohol.

Will winds shift in time to save pot clubs?


States have moved toward responsible, legal marijuana usage. But will it be fast enough to save dispensaries like Harborside?

Pixie fingered in botched costumed pot heist


It’s Halloween night, about 2 a.m. A grown woman in a pixie suit comes to your door in a panic. What do you do?

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Outdoor pot farms worry neighbors


A legal marijuana growing operation in Concord is attracting attention from neighbors and law enforcement.

Home invader shot dead in pot grow house


Police are investigating Oakland’s 68th homicide of the year after a resident shot and killed an apparent robber.

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Feds aim to snuff out huge pot clubs


Oakland’s Harborside Health Center is the first “marijuana superstore” to be targeted by federal officials.

Fast food fight leads to pot grow bust


A chair fight inside a Livermore Taco Bell led police to an unexpected pot growing operation in a nearby apartment.

California split over legal marijuana


A new poll found that Californians aren’t as hip to pot as previously thought, with only about half supporting legalization.

Too many doggies getting stoned


Northern California vets report more dogs are requiring treatment after eating marijuana. And the effects aren’t pretty.

Weed and wine together as one


A number of wine-making wonders are mixing California’s two favorite recreational crops.

Young people selling weed just to get by


For Patty, a high school sophomore, there’s nothing celebratory about marijuana. She sells weed to make ends meet.

Oakland pot school on the struggle


Oakland’s most famous establishment of higher education has fallen on not so high times.

Stoner states have safer drivers


Sorry naysayers, neither Drs. Cheech nor Chong were the authors of a recent study that shows traffic deaths are markedly lower in states that allow the use of medicinal marijuana.

Cocks seized in drug raid


An early-morning raid in secluded Morgan Hill yielded something other than the pot garden cops suspected.

Puff, puff — prison…?
At least three San Francisco pot dispensary landlords have received strongly worded letters from the feds this week, threatening jail time unless they evict their tenants and close up shop within the next 45 days.