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April 20, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘medical marijuana’

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Dalai Lama says ‘si’ to medical pot


While visiting Mexico Tuesday, the Dalai Lama weighed in on the marijuana legalization debate — and wore a sombrero.

Police chief pitches plan for more pot


A new proposal in Healdsburg could allow medical marijuana users there to double the size of their medicinal gardens.

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LA voters clamp down on medical marijuana


In a city whose medical marijuana laws resembled the Wild West, a historic election has finally brought some order.

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There are now officially two medical marijuana initiatives on the table for California’s largest city.

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Drug czar kills medical marijuana buzz


U.S. “Drug Czar” Gil Kerlikowske bashed both medical and recreational marijuana at a law enforcement conference in San Francisco.

A second plan to regulate — and tax — medical marijuana has taken one step closer to Los Angeles voters.

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Los Angeles pot club battle heats up


Supporters hoping to derail a ban on marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles filed 72,000 signatures with the city Friday.

Will winds shift in time to save pot clubs?


States have moved toward responsible, legal marijuana usage. But will it be fast enough to save dispensaries like Harborside?

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Pot activists blow smoke at Obama


Cannabis backers plan to show President Obama “where he is” when he visits the heart of Oakland’s Oaksterdam district Monday.

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Feds aim to snuff out huge pot clubs


Oakland’s Harborside Health Center is the first “marijuana superstore” to be targeted by federal officials.

DA plans medical pot pow-wow


The San Francisco DA’s office plans to meet with pot clubs to clarify The City’s seemingly schizophrenic rules on medical pot.


He put marijuana legalization on the ballot. And now, Richard Lee, founder of the famous Oaksterdam University, is stepping down.

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Recent raids have pot clubs worried


Paranoia may be a side effect of marijuana, but the concerns of medical cannabis dispensaries in the Bay Area extend beyond that.

Medical pot-smoking plumber denied work


The government’s war on drugs is dirty, but never more so than when it picks on the little guy.

Vallejo police raided their third pot club in three weeks Friday, the latest assault in their private war on medicinal marijuana.


Court sides with Feds in pot club dispute


A judge struck a blow to medical marijuana advocates when he threw out a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

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Medical marijuana crackdown gets tighter


In direct contradiction with state law, the federal government has once again ramped up its crackdown on legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

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A see of green


Take a rare and privileged look inside the walls of a commercial pot growing operation in Oakland.

Pot permits in state of flux


San Francisco has pulled the plug on dispensary permits yet again, while Mendocino is gutting a program that issued pricey permits to growers.

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Another SF pot club closes its doors


Market Street Cooperative closed its doors after 14 years following a federal crackdown on landlords who rent to pot dispensaries.