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July 23, 2014

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Melky Cabrera didn't contribute to the Giants' World Series run in October, but he's getting a ring from the team.

Giants’ final word on Melky Cabrera: No

Disgraced outfielder Melky Cabrera will not be rejoining the Giants for their post-season run.

Melky’s decision could change baseball

Melky Cabrera's decision to disqualify himself from the batting crown could impact future performance-enhancing drug cases.

Melky takes himself out of batting race

San Francisco baseball fans can finally stop talking about Melky Cabrera possibly becoming National League batting champion.

Melky Cabrera could wear batting crown

With two weeks left in the season, Melky Cabrera is clinging to a seven-point lead in the race for the NL batting title.

Melky Cabrera doesn’t deserve to return

Melky Cabrera may be a distant memory to Giants fans, but the players and front office still have some issues to deal with.

Melky Cabrera accused of wild cover-up scheme

If Giants fans still had any good thoughts about Melky Cabrera, those are about to go poof. Just like his career.
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You're all true-bleeding Orange & Black fans, yeah? Then stop your boo-hoo-ing and continue supporting the guys.

Rotten Melky leaves sour taste in mouth

Disappointment. Anger. Betrayal. Those were some of the emotions running through me as I approached AT&T Park.
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Melkman switches to juice, dinged 50 games

Baseball slapped Melky Cabrera with a 50-game suspension today for testosterone use.
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Melky Cabrera fell into the Giants' laps. Now management's job is keep him there.

Melky’s taunting will catch up to him

Notice all the taunting Melky Cabrera was dispatching toward Atlanta and their fans the last couple of games? The Braves sure did.

Melky adds All-Star MVP to dream season

The rest of the country witnessed what Giants fans have seen all season: Melky Cabrera is really, really good.
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Melky has earned his All-Star start

Giants fans rewarded the sizzling play of likeable left fielder Melky Cabrera with a start in the midsummer classic.

Just like that, Giants’ streak fizzles

The Giants’ shutout streak didn’t last long against the Reds Friday night. In fact, it didn’t even make it past the first pitch.
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Melk Man has earned a payday

An incredible start by Melky Cabrera has people whispering about a long-term deal for the 27-year-old outfielder.