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July 10, 2014

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In a dramatic last-minute deal, a 10-year lease for the Oakland A's was approved by the Coliseum board.
The Oakland police website will display booking photos of individuals charged with prostitution-related offenses.
The DMV must begin issuing licenses to qualified undocumented applicants by Jan 1, 2015.

Mayor Quan: I wasn’t on the phone

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said Monday she was not on her cellphone when she got into a collision Sunday.
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was involved in a minor vehicle collision in West Oakland Sunday evening.
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The A's announced Tuesday they have rejected Oakland's 10-year lease offer.
Dozens of law enforcement officials scouring an open space area near Oakland’s Merritt College turned up nothing.
Law enforcement officials plan a fresh search Saturday for 22-month-old Daphne Webb, missing more than six weeks.
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Raiders fans had to deal with swirling rumors about yet another possible move to Los Angeles.
Oakland officials and business owners are hoping for a quiet night after a third-straight evening of protests.
Oakland police are asking for the public’s help as the search continues for 21-month-old Daphne Webb.
Legions of harried commuters will get a Fourth of July break, but revelers seeking fireworks may be stymied by traffic.

Oakland police roll out mobile command post

With robberies on the rise across Oakland, police have mobilized a high-tech tool on wheels to fight crime.
2,400 teachers represented are set to vote Friday on a retroactive contract with a long-overdue pay increase.

Survey: Oaklanders unhappy with their city

Residents across the Bay have a glass-half-empty view when it comes to how their city is being run.

Fake doctor accused of stealing credit cards

Yolanda Smith is accused of donning a white lab coat to pose as a doctor at local hospitals, then swiping credit cards from nurses' purses.
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Violent Oakland attacks jolt media

In Palestine, the media covers violent stories without dedicated security. Oakland, though, is another story.
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Downtown LA shows Oakland the way

Before envying Los Angeles' new downtown stadium, consider that a similarly transformative stadium may still emerge in Oakland.
A brave woman helped save a man from a beating at 12th and Broadway in Oakland at the hands of a violent mob.

‘Fedora bandit’ nabbed in Oakland

An accused bank robber was captured in Oakland after he allegedly tried to rob the same bank — and teller — he did a month ago.
Meager turnout for a gun buyback in Oakland didn't dampen the spirits of supporters, who want to offer even more incentives to get guns off the streets.

Oakland remembers missing children

Families in Oakland gathered last week to honor National Missing Children's Day and seek ways to keep children safe online and outside the home.

Oakland fights back against prostitution

Oakland has upped patrols and installed security cameras along International Boulevard in an attempt to curb prostitution and related crimes.

Quan recall unlikely as deadlines loom

Groups are rushing to gather enough signatures to recall Oakland Mayor Jean Quan before their deadline approaches.
A public funeral will be held Wednesday for a transgender woman a witness says was the victim of a hate crime.
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Oakland farmers share their bounty

FoodPool helps backyard growers find needy homes for their overload of onions or plethora of potatoes.

Young father killed in Oakland identified

Police say 24-year-old Tyrell Omar Smith was fatally shot yesterday while pushing his young son in a toy stroller in East Oakland.
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Oakland trash getting out of hand

Couches, uprooted marijuana plants, and a dead Chihuahua wrapped in plastic: Just an average day of trash on Oakland streets.

Couple stole millions from Post Office

A former postal manager and his wife pleaded guilty to defrauding the Postal Service out of $4.4 million since 2005.
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Recent raids have pot clubs worried

Paranoia may be a side effect of marijuana, but the concerns of medical cannabis dispensaries in the Bay Area extend beyond that.
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Despite Oakland’s efforts to revitalize their nightlife and music scene, there's one big reason your favorite band doesn't come to the East Bay.
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Oakland is the place to see in The Bay

If you can't make it to London or Helsinki, or you've simply got nothing you could wear In Panama or Myanmar, then you can settle for No. 5 on the NYT's "45 places to go in 2012" list: Oakland.

Woman faces trial for fire station wreck

Drunks don’t always make the best decisions. Prosecutors allege that one Oakland woman thought it would be a good idea to get hammered and then take a drive with her teen daughter.

Raiders make big splash, trade for Palmer

Raiders fans woke up this morning to the news that they had a new quarterback. Carson Palmer was acquired by the Raiders today for a 2012 1st round pick and a 2013 conditional pick. With Jason Campbell breaking his collarbone…
In 1991, now-Oakland Fire Lieutenant Sherri Banks was a firefighter working out of Berkeley’s Station 13. When she was called to the now infamous fire around noon, she was speechless:
 “I was lost for words when I got there,” Banks