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July 23, 2014

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Occupy Oakland protesters are suing over police actions taken during a day of protest last Jan. 28.

Building takeover leads to arrests

Protestors donned masks — and were later arrested — after taking over an empty building in the Castro.
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Criminal probe of Occupy cops reopened

Oakland has reopened its investigation into police use of force against Scott Olsen and other Occupy protesters last October.
Occupy Oakland demonstrators rallied at City Hall Tuesday, with police and demonstrators clashing several times throughout the day.

Occupy protesters turned farmers

Occupiers took over UC-owned land destined to become a Whole Foods Market and turned it into a farm.
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Quan mobilizes against possible recall

Following 15 months of controversial leadership, the signature drive against Oakland Mayor Jean Quan could put her on a recall ballot.

Occupy covers new ground

Occupy Oakland showed its strength this week, organizing rallies at San Quentin and at a Union Bank in Oakland.
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Oakland says no to tougher policing

Oakland city council members voted against a resolution that would have called for tougher policing of Occupy protests.

Oakland, you’ve been hacked

Hacker group Anonymous has published the contact details of Oakland officials in retaliation for police action against Occupy protesters.

Occupy flag-burning inflames debate

Free speech or not, setting an American flag aflame sends a powerful message about what Occupy stands for.

Police reclaim new Occupy Oakland camp

Police moved in around 8 a.m. Sunday, clearing the encampment at 19th and Telegraph. No arrests or injuries were reported.

Occupy marches, raids on the air

punkboyinsf captured an Occupy SF march and an overnight raid, while Occupy Oakland and OakFoSho remained on the air into the evening with live streaming video.

Occupy Oakland to claim new camp

Occupy Oakland demonstrators plan to establish a new encampment Saturday, after a mid-week raid evicted them from Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Scott Olsen speaks, feeling better

Former U.S. marine Scott Olsen made his first public remarks since being seriously injured during Occupy Oakland demonstrations in late October.

Deadly violence shocks Occupy camps

Deadly violence and a police crackdown sent shock waves through East Bay Occupy encampments, prompting an about-face by supportive local officials.
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A day of vocal, mostly peaceful protests in downtown and the Port of Oakland devolved into an evening of vandalism and arrests.

Oakland plans for Wednesday general strike

In the wake of last week's hellish action against Occupy Oakland protesters, a general strike and "mass day of action" Wednesday is gearing up to be a doozy.
Police in riot gear gather around an encampment of OccupySF proteters at Justin Herman Plaza Sunday night. Five arrests were made as police later moved to clear the plaza. (Photo: OccupySF)
Police in riot gear arrested five Occupy SF protesters…