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July 25, 2014

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Teen swept away by Ocean Beach surf

A 14-year-old is feared lost after a surfer's dramatic rescue plucked a father and young boy from the surf.
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Sandcastles leap onto Ocean Beach

When the government shutdown kicked sand at their contest, the kids of San Francisco simply came back with a bigger sandcastle.
Gallery Sandcastles 2013.
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Sun shines on Ocean Beach sandcastles

The Da Vinci Devils from Chinese Immersion School took home gold on Ocean Beach Saturday.
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Ocean Beach sandcastle contest rescheduled

Join SFBay on Ocean Beach Saturday, November 9 for the 30th annual edition of Leap's sandcastle contest.
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The political gamesmanship of the government shutdown has claimed another casualty.

Severed foot washes ashore on Ocean Beach

A lone human foot was discovered Sunday washed up on Ocean Beach inside a Puma sneaker, size 11-1/2.
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Dubbed "Sutro Sam," San Francisco's first river otter in decades has splashed into a new children's e-book.
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Another surfer rescued near Cliff House

The sun might be out and the beaches might be beckoning, but be forewarned: The waves are no joke.
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Feds snuff out Ocean Beach bonfires

Park rangers are splashing water on the San Francisco 'tradition' of burning your Christmas tree at Ocean Beach.
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Surfing dolphins soar at Ocean Beach

When David Cruz reached out with pictures of frolicking cetaceans, we couldn't help but notice: These guys are having fun.
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SFBay presents time-lapse and 360-degree panoramic images of this weekend's sandcastle contest on Ocean Beach.

Complete list of Sandcastle contest winners

Everybody was a winner at Leap's 29th Annual Sandcastle Contest at Ocean Beach — literally,
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Even whales love Ocean Beach sandcastles

A cold, foggy morning gave way to perfect sandcastle weather for kids and adults.
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Sandcastles spring to life on Ocean Beach

SFBay reporters and photographers covered Leap's 29th annual Sandcastle Contest on Ocean Beach all day Saturday.
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Build a sandcastle that lasts forever

The sandcastles built this Saturday on Ocean Beach will wash away with the tides. The lessons learned will last a lifetime.

Bodysurfer rescued off Ocean Beach

Firefighters were on the scene Monday morning to rescue a bodysurfer near Seal Rock at the north end of Ocean Beach.
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Surfing with dolphins at Ocean Beach

Catching a break at Ocean Beach isn't always easy. Especially when other species get into the mix.
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Four rescued from waters off Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach's churning, chaotic waves nearly claimed two kids and two adults Wednesday evening.
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Plan hatched to haul away Ocean Beach sand

Epic amounts of sand are being relocated along Ocean Beach to an erosion site south of Sloat Boulevard.
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Tombstones wash up on Ocean Beach

There are plenty of things you might expect to see washed up on Ocean Beach. A century-old tombstone isn't one of them.

BART dreams of being on the beach

BART has laid out some big hopeful plans for the future, including a possible line out Geary Blvd. to Ocean Beach.
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Fleeting shapes in the sand at Ocean Beach

UPDATE: Jim Denevan tells SFBay he expects to be sand painting at Ocean Beach on Saturday.
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‘Dude where’s my car?’

Authorities don’t know why a woman drove her Lexus down a stairwell, onto Ocean Beach, and into the waves early Friday morning.

Ash in the sand is a mess

Every January, Ocean Beach hosts down-low, post-holiday bonfire. This year, it left behind a beach covered in debris.