July 22, 2014

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Fantasy Football sleepers and busts

A bust can kill your fantasy football team – and sleepers can win you a championship. Here's the best and the worst.

Bettin’ or Braggin: All the marbles

Entering the last week of the pro football regular season, SFBay prognosticators have split into winners and losers.

Bettin’ or Braggin: Girl Power

With Ali and myself losing large unwise bets, the slow-and-steady Chelena has pulled into the BoB lead with four weeks to go.

Bettin’ or Braggin: Losers on parade

With five weeks left in the season, all three of us still have a chance to take home the top spot. Or end up broke.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Two-minute offense

Bettin' or Braggin' is late this week, and not because we just needed more work on our no-huddle.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Win some, lose some

When it comes to plopping down the SFBay bucks against the spread, your guess is usually as good as ours.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Bankroll go boom

How does the saying go? The higher the risk, the higher the reward? It's true in business, and yes, in Bettin' or Braggin'.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Raising the stakes

If you're gonna go, go big. If you're not gonna go, get out of the way. No whimsical prose this week. Just picks.
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Bettin’ or Braggin’: Hump Week 9

Just like Wednesday is hump-day, Week 9 of the pro football season is hump-week, right at the crown of the campaign.
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Bettin’ or Braggin: Close isn’t perfect

Kudos to Ali and Chelena, who were both just one win away from Bettin' or Braggin' perfection in Week 7.

Bettin’ Or Braggin’: Easy come, easy go

It took six weeks to play out, but big bets finally led to big trouble in the world of Bettin' or Braggin'.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: On a roll

After five weeks, a 22-7 record against the spread, and a 3,700-SFBay Buck-sized bulge in my leatherette bi-fold, I'm finally willing to admit: I'm kicking butt.
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Bettin’ or Braggin’: The color of money

If you think it's not easy being green, try making green betting against the spread on pro football.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Let there be blood

As sports fans, as a nation, and as three lowly writer-bettors, we all need to move on from last week's dreadful national debacle.

Bettin’ or Braggin’: Week three blues

Well, well, well. This betting thing. Not as easy as it looks, eh? Not like I can complain though. I've had two solid weeks betting pro football.
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In our first week picking pro football at SFBay, at least one of us is real happy we're not playing with real money.
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Bettin’ or Braggin’: Picking the pros

Grab a stack of SFBay Bucks and play along with us all season to win actual fabulous prizes, like a retro Joe Montana jersey!