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July 24, 2014

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Pitch in on Powell BART station redesign

BART officials are asking riders what they would they like to see at an upgraded Powell station.
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The SFMTA has approved a plan to overhaul much of San Francisco's transit system.
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SF State students get no help with Muni

While other urban colleges have negotiated free or reduced student passes, SF State students pay full price.
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Monday deadline menaces BART commuters

BART management and unions have fired up negotiations again as a Monday deadline lurks just days away.
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Commuters who want to take their bikes on BART trains will soon have fewer pesky restrictions to worry about.

Bike-sharing rolls toward summer launch

The City is proposing 35 bike-sharing stations downtown along Market to start a trial of the long-awaited plan this summer.
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BART is launching another test run to determine if it will allow bikes on trains during rush hours. Bikers rejoice.

Android app enables Muni fare cheaters

Security analysts have created an Android app capable of cheating the Muni fare system by reloading limited-use cards.
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BART’s million-dollar pigeon poop plan

A nice chunk of BART's surplus is being hurled toward their ongoing battle with pigeons and pigeon poop.
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Save hella money by riding Muni

Forget switching to Geico. Save thousands each year by dumping the car and shifting to public transit.
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BART riders pay a little, get a little

They won't smell any better. But both BART and Muni will cost more to ride starting in July.
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Bustling Caltrain sees trouble ahead

Caltrain is enjoying a period of financial comfort. So the transit system should be chugging towards a bright future, right? Sadly, wrong.
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Yes, the bus is more crowded

It's not your imagination: More riders means Muni, BART and AC Transit are indeed more packed than last year.
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Missing drivers means missing buses

Muni now cancels about 40 bus runs a day instead of paying overtime to fill-in drivers.

Sunny side of the street’s dark side

A man who blew jazz standards for years to commuters in the Financial District has been arrested in connection with his ex-wife's murder in 1987.
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Bart bike bandits are keeping busy

The stripped-down bicycle carcass is popping up at suburban Bart stations more and more now.
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A streetcar named Embarcadero

One of the first payoffs from our rich America's Cup uncles arrives this summer, when Muni fires up a new streetcar line.
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BART to drop big bank on new fleet

BART has its checkbook out and is set to drop $1 billion for 260 new rail cars this May.
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1956 BART plan would be great today

George Lucas could go from Lucas Valley to 4th and King, then transfer and arrive at Facebook in Menlo Park for an early lunch.
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Get ready for $2.50 Muni

As your Muni train creeps this morning, close your eyes and dream your ride was 25 percent faster. Or cleaner. Then open them, and face reality.