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July 14, 2014

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Damages of infringement on an autocomplete patent remained around $120 million.
Jurors ordered Samsung to pay just a fraction of the big-money damages sought by Apple.

Apple, Samsung delay closing arguments

SAN JOSE — Closing arguments, originally set for Monday, are now scheduled for Tuesday.
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SAN JOSE — Samsung on Monday finished up the defense of their case.

Samsung defends against Apple accusations

SAN JOSE — Apple and Samsung are back for the third week of their software patent trial.
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Samsung’s ‘next big thing’ hits shelves

The latest version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy smartphone went on sale Friday.
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SAN JOSE — Apple presented evidence Monday related to software patents at issue.
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Apple and Samsung renew courtroom clash

SAN JOSE — Features like slide to unlock and autocorrect are at issue in the new trial.
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Apple and rival Samsung will return to court next month after failing to agree on a settlement.
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The chief executives of Apple and Samsung will attend a mediation session by mid-February.
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Home court no advantage for Samsung

Samsung lost a surprise legal blow to Apple in South Korea, the electronics giant's home market.

Apple-Samsung damages trial heads to jury

Attorneys representing Apple and Samsung gave closing arguments in a case two years in the making.
Thursday Samsung will continue to argue for $52.7 million in damages as Apple seeks $379.7 million.

Jury seated in Apple-Samsung damages trial

A jury has been selected in the new Apple-Samsung damages trial, with opening arguments expected Wednesday morning.
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Attorneys for Apple and Samsung argued Tuesday over what would be admissible at next week's jury trial.
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Samsung woos developers at SF conference

Samsung courted "app" makers at its first developers conference at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.
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Galaxy Gear beats competitors to the wearable tech market. But do people want to talk to their wrist?
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Apple's share of the global smartphone market fell to 13.6 percent, its lowest level since 2010.
Apple and Samsung argued Thursday over the validity of this summer's blockbuster $1 billion jury verdict.

Apple wallops Samsung in smartphone battle

Apple scored a huge legal victory over Samsung, winning more than a billion dollars in damages against the Korean electronics giant.

Apple-Samsung case in hands of jury

The fate of the Apple-Samsung patent battle now rests with the jurors, who today began deliberations in the $2.75 billion case.
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Apple, Samsung rest in epic patent battle

After a full week of witness testimony, Apple and Samsung rested their cases Friday in their patent infringement trial.
Apple-Samsung Judge Lucy Koh dropped the "smoking crack" card on Apple counsel Bill Lee.
Judge Lucy Koh on Wednesday called on the sparring companies' CEOs to make one last attempt at settling their case before it goes to a jury.
A tablet mockup developed by a newspaper company in the 1990s took center stage Tuesday in the Apple-Samsung case.

As Apple rests, Samsung attacks

After Apple called its final witness in its landmark smartphone legal battle, Samsung tried in vain to get the case dismissed.

Samsung chips away at Apple experts

Monday morning, Apple is set to finish its case and allow Samsung to present its defense.
After Monday's detailed examination of industrial design, the Apple-Samsung trial changed focus Tuesday to user interface icons.
Monday's testimony was dominated by tedious analysis of minute design details by an Apple expert witness.
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Designer Chris Stringer — who has worked on every Apple product since 1995 — testified that Samsung’s copying “is offensive.”

Apple-Samsung jury seated and ready to go

A jury of seven men and three women are ready to hear arguments in the $2.5 billion Apple-Samsung smartphone trial.
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Judge takes hard line in smartphone feud

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh chided attorneys for Apple and Samsung just days before their landmark trial is set to begin.