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April 20, 2014

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San Francisco coffee is so hot right now


Three of San Francisco’s coffee institutions have been named among the nation’s best.

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After announcing it would close at the end of April, legendary Le Video will remain open.

Union floats $15 minimum wage for ballot


SEIU Local 1021′s minimum wage plan looks headed for a ballot clash with one from Mayor Lee.

SF weather has been so mellow that the National Weather Service said the last time any substantial rain fell was on April 4.

Joe Montana ripped the city of San Francisco for making “a terrible effort” to keep the team in The City.

After severe backlash, startup tech guy Peter Shih apologizes for his “idiotic and childish” blog post about San Francisco.

Brazen bank robbers plaguing SF banks


The “High Jumper Bandits” and the “Up Close Bandit” have combined to rob a half-dozen banks in San Francisco.

Former Supervisor Ed Jew — convicted of bribery and extortion during his brief time in office — is out of federal prison.

No jail for bicyclist who killed pedestrian


A bicyclist who hit and killed an elderly man as he walked through a crosswalk will avoid any jail time in a plea deal.

Legions of harried commuters will get a Fourth of July break, but revelers seeking fireworks may be stymied by traffic.

An “excessive heat warning” stays in place inland through Wednesday, though a marine layer is cooling down the coast.

It’s going to be hot this weekend. If you want to avoid the heat, stay in San Francisco or remain along the coast.

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Fit Bay Area shines in health study


A study by the American College of Sports Medicine ranks the Bay Area as the fourth healthiest region in the United States.

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Sumo-sized voter guide gets fat and pricey


This fall’s San Francisco voter guide will swell to whopping 500 pages and cost an estimated $1.8 million to print.

Bay Area economy doing A-OK


While numerous California cities have been hit hard by the effects of the recession, the Bay Area seems to be bouncing back just fine.

SOMA skatepark closes in on final approval


An eight-year struggle to build a skatepark under the Central Freeway in SOMA is finally coming to fruition.

Survey: Oaklanders unhappy with their city


Residents across the Bay have a glass-half-empty view when it comes to how their city is being run.

City shells out $1.7M in flood settlement


The City is finally ready to put money in the pockets of the 46 homeowners and businesses flooded with rain and sewage in 2003 and 2004.

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Amid more protest and debate, CCSF trustees signed off on a report detailing changes made at the troubled school.

SF startup debuts crowd-sourced video app


A new app allows iPhone users to stream live video of any public space, any time from anywhere.

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7×7 celebrates 2013 Eat + Drink winners


This week The City was all about a different type of awards ceremony — one that handed out bronze Piggy Awards.

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One hundred years ago this month, the lights went out at midnight and thousands of revelers mourned the passing of the “Paris of America.”

San Francisco tied L.A. for second place on a list detailing U.S. cities with the worst traffic.

San Francisco: 2024 Olympic host?


The City received a letter from the U.S. Olympic Committee to gauge its interest in hosting the 2024 games.

Ex-offenders struggle to find housing


Because of The City’s lack of low-income housing, 47 percent of ex-offenders are left to live on the streets.

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BART riders may be slapped with fare hikes


As if San Francisco housing and gas prices weren’t enough, BART officials proposed fare and parking increases this week.

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Open up your wallets, because funding for the international sailing competition has fallen $20 million short.

Silicon Valley sees job surge


A report released Tuesday indicates that Silicon Valley is not only returning, but exceeding the heyday of dot-com boom job growth.

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Suppor­ters rally to save City College


Concerned CCSF faculty, staff and students are meeting tonight at City College’s Mission Campus on Valencia to help rescue public higher education in San Francisco.

Concerns raised about CleanPowerSF


Recent concerns raised about San Francisco’s renewable energy program, CleanPowerSF, shows that going green isn’t always easy — or cheap.

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Bay to Breakers loses sponsor


Bay to Breakers organizers are scrambling to find a new sponsor after Zazzle pulled its funding from the infamous event.

SFMTA proposes $200 million bike plan


SFMTA slaps a hefty $200 million price tag on their ambitious new bike plans.

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Kitty reunited, and it feels so good


Vanilla the cat — thought long-gone from Sausalito eight years ago — was reunited with his owners in San Francisco.


Chinatown group sues over shark fin soup


The Chinatown Neighborhood Association is suing the state of California for its shark fin ban, arguing that it unfairly attacks Chinese culture.

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Willie Brown is no Michael Bauer, but he knows his pickle jars and a “good” burger when he sees one.

Ken Block goes all Gymkhana on The City


For four days in May, rally car driver Ken Block turned San Francisco into a personal rally racing course.

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