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July 26, 2014

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Muni gets red carpet treatment on Market

Market Street drivers are going to start seeing red on the roadway very soon.
Muni Metro riders will likely see a few more trains with the new seat configuration.
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Bikeway to boost Embar­cadero safety

A separated bikeway will create less conflict for roadway users, say bike advocates and city officials.
The SFMTA board approved the increase from $1 to $3.55 per bus stop for its commuter shuttle program.
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SFMTA approves billion-dollar Metro buy

The first prototype could arrive by the end of 2016.

Muni drivers ratify labor contract

Muni operators voted Monday to approve a new three-year labor contract.
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The SFMTA board votes Tuesday on a $1.2 billion contract for 260 new light rail vehicles.
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Commuter shuttles could face more than three times higher fees to use Muni bus stops.
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SFMTA to upgrade outdated parking meters

Drivers in San Francisco will soon have more options to pay the parking meter.
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Despite years of delays, the SFMTA plans to complete the Mission Bay Loop project.
A vote by union members scheduled for Monday has been rescheduled for July 14.
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Fines for street cleaning, expired meters, and red zone parking are all on the rise.
Muni's new labor agreement comes after months of contentious negotiations.
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Willie Brown drives train on new Muni deal

Officials say former Mayor Willie Brown played a key role in negotiating the new contract.
The SFMTA board approved 41 street parking spots for car-sharing vehicles this week.
Bicyclists in San Francisco will soon have a few more places to secure their bikes.
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Dedicated car-share parking seeks approval

Car-share users in San Francisco could soon have an easier time finding a vehicle.
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Lombard Street car ban lands this weekend

The “crookedest street” in the world is taking a break from cars starting Saturday.
A bid failed this week to overturn the decision to stop enforcement of parking meters on Sunday.
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Digging is done on Central Subway tunnels

San Francisco’s Central Subway project is marking the completion of tunnel excavation.
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Muni labor talks stall as deadline looms

The labor dispute between the SFMTA and the Muni drivers' union is no closer to being resolved.
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The Board of Supervisors approved a key piece of technology for the Central Subway.
Thursday's work commute got a little easier for thousands of Muni riders.
Dennis Herrera Wednesday filed charges Wednesday with the Public Employees Relations Board.
SFMTA's Ed Reiskin said an arbitrator will arrive Saturday to hear out both sides.

Muni delays drag into Tuesday evening

Muni drivers continued a sick-out on Tuesday leaving riders to deal with system-wide delays.
San Francisco’s transportation director is apologizing to Muni riders for system-wide delays.

Muni delays stretch into evening commute

Many Muni lines are either not running or on restricted service for your Monday ride home.
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Muni limps through system-wide sick-out

Two-thirds of Muni buses are out of service due to a sick-out by drivers seeking raises.
Muni riders should prepare for the possibility of a longer commute on Monday.
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30 buses fully wrapped with ads are part of a 5-year, $28.5 million advertising deal.
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Transit officials approved a pilot closure of Lombard Street to cars on summer weekends.
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Cars could soon be banned on certain weekends from San Francisco's Lombard Street.
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Transit advocates have filed an appeal to maintain Sunday meter enforcement.
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Muni bus ads wrapped in controversy

A plan to allow more ad-wrapped Muni buses — and even digital ads — is causing a stir.
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14 fewer seats on Muni Metro trains means room for 26 additional standing riders.
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