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July 24, 2014

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Man wanted for child porn nabbed at SFO

A former school teacher who fled after his 2013 arrest for child pornography charges was captured Wednesday.
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Asiana crash report blames pilots, training

The NTSB attributes the crash to mismanagement of the descent by the flight crew.
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Rideshare firms threatened with closure

Police have warned more than 300 ride-sharing drivers at SFO in the last month.
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Asiana Airlines has been fined for failing to adequately notify family members of Flight 214 passengers.
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Delays and cancellations slowed SFO Sunday because of East Coast winter storms.
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Captain Lee Kang-Kuk told crash investigators he was "very concerned" over a visual landing.
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No charges in Asiana runway death

The firefighter who accidentally ran over and killed a teen crash survivor will not face charges.
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Asiana offers $10,000 to crash survivors

Asiana Airlines is offering an initial compensation payment worth $10,000 to all surviving passengers of its SFO plane crash.
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Asiana victims seek millions in lawsuit

83 passengers from Asiana Flight 214 have filed suit seeking millions from the aircraft's manufacturer, Boeing.
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Flight 214 pilots return to South Korea

The pilots of Asiana Flight 214 have returned to South Korea after being quizzed by US aviation officials.
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KTVU is saying it was duped by some sort of hoax in reporting fake names of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 pilots.
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A girl who had been in critical condition since the crash of Asiana Flight 214 brings the death toll to three.
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Crews haul away wreckage of Flight 214

Air travelers will no longer need to see the last painfully visible reminder of last Saturday's plane crash.
Federal investigators say no one in the cockpit of Flight 214 mentioned air speed until nine seconds before impact.
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Asiana crew delayed evacuation after crash

Federal investigators say passengers of Asiana Flight 214 were initially told to stay in their seats after the crash.
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Asiana crew ‘couldn’t see runway’

The flight crew of the Asiana Flight 214 couldn't see the runway just seconds before Saturday's deadly accident.
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NTSB chair Deborah Hersman described a nightmare landing for all on board Asiana Flight 214.
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The trainer assigned to guide a pilot who crash-landed Asiana 214 was on his first day in the job.
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Investigators hope interviews with the pilots of Asiana Flight 214 will explain why the Boeing 777 was going so slow when it crashed.
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Asiana's recorders reveal fatal flaws in Flight 214 final seconds prior to Saturday's crash landing.
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Get your blood pumping for crash survivors

Officials at the Blood Centers of the Pacific say giving blood will be crucial in helping injured SFO crash patients.
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Officials were combing through the wreckage of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 Sunday as they try to determine why it crashed.
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People ‘fell out’ of back of plane

Flight 214 passenger Elliott Stone said of the terrifying crash: "And then they all fell out — and it was just the most terrible thing I've seen."
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SFO crash survivor: 10 seconds of horror

Vedpa Singh wandered through San Francisco International Airport Saturday. He was looking for his lost wife and son.
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Two dead, dozens hurt in SFO crash landing

Two people were killed when a Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport with 291 passengers on board.
While we decide if we'll rename SFO after Harvey Milk, San Diego claims dibs on Harvey Milk Street.
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BART set to cut SFO employees a break

After years of expensive commutes, SFO employees may finally be left with a little extra change in their pockets.
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Harvey Milk airport rally draws suppor­ters

About 100 supporters took to the steps of City Hall in support of Harvey Milk San Francisco International Airport.
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Harvey Milk airport petition takes off

An online petition backing the renaming of San Francisco International Airport after Harvey Milk has picked up 17,500 signatures.
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Supervisor wants SFO renamed for Harvey Milk

Supervisor David Campos is set to propose legislation to rename San Francisco International Airport after slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk.
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Feds intercept phony goods at SFO

If you're longing for a Channel bag or DAIDAS sweats, you may have to look a little harder this holiday season.
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SFO baggage screening not consistent

Airport officials insist SFO is safe after baggage handlers filed complaints with federal authorities.
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SFO gets new boats they hope to never use

San Francisco International Airport welcomed a new state-of-the-art boathouse to its emergency service facilities.

Pilots getting blinded by the light

The FBI is investigating two incidents in which a laser light was shined into the cockpit of planes approaching SFO.

SFO security will be a breeze — for some

Certain passengers will soon be able to zip through airport security with their outfits and dignity intact under a new expedited screening program.

SFO holiday travel busier this year

The folks at San Francisco International Airport expect a record number of travelers during next week's Thanksgiving holiday.