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Northern Brewer
April 24, 2014

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This Week In Orange: Ta-ta for now


It’s hard to believe, Giants Nation. But it is time to hang the tutu up for a couple months. Our season has come to a close.

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This Week In Orange: Motor City Madness


I wish I was cocky enough to claim I knew our Giants would be heading into Detroit two games up on the Tigers.

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This Week In Orange: Game 1, duh


Note to Gigantes: No pressure or anything. Everybody else: You’d better be TV-side and semi-trashed by first pitch at 5:15.

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This Week In Orange: Cardiac Arrest


How are your tickers, Giants Nation?!? Because I’m pretty sure that mine stopped a couple of times over the past few days.

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Final Week In Orange: Why I Hate Dodger Blue


If my sports-loving memory serves me right, it all started when I was about three years old.

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This Week In Orange: Call it a comeback


I spent time searching for the song-and-or-lyric that could perfectly encompass the past six months for the Giants.

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This Week In Orange: The Numbers Edition


Shock of all shocks, Giants Nation. This little blonde writer is terrible at math. I mean, we’re talking God awful.

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This Week In Orange: Push for Red October


Wouldn’t you know it, Giants Nation? I got into a sports argument at the bar on my birthday.

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This Week In Orange: Birthday Wishes


As is customary around my fete d’anniversaire, we are about to start up a three-game series with the flippin’ Dodgers.

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This Week In Orange: The wind and the west


You hear that, Giants Nation? It’s the sound of September baseball calling.

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This Week In Orange: The New Hotness


When I was trying to find some good victory music to blare in the Giants’ honor, I instinctively looked for something old school.

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You’re all true-bleeding Orange & Black fans, yeah? Then stop your boo-hoo-ing and continue supporting the guys.

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This Week In Orange: Techno Viking Edition


That’s right, Giants Nation. You heard me. Right-fielder Hunter Pence has officially been dubbed The Techno Viking!

This Week In Orange: Silver lining edition


In light of a piss-poor week at the yard, I’m going to try something new: Look at the positives and into the future.

This Week In Orange: Freakin’ Philly edition


Just because the Phils stink worse than a cheesesteak left in your car for three days doesn’t mean the Orange & Black have it easy.

This Week In Orange: The forward march


It’s time to look at what the Giants need to do to push towards October. So pull up that stool and let’s get down to business.

This Week In Orange: Swept swapt swopt


The air up here atop the NL West is mighty fresh, and our boys in orange-and-black are on a roll to keep this winning streak going.

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For whatever reason, no matter how much better our record is than theirs, the A’s always seem to win against us.

This Week In Orange: Perfection, duh


Now that The Horse has a perfect game under his belt, let’s hope that cold Seattle air works a little voodoo on Tim Lincecum’s accuracy.

This Week In Orange: World Series nostalgia


Are you ready for a little 2010 World Series déjà vu this weekend? We’ve got a series to sweep win, 2010 style.

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This Week In Orange: Bring on the Cubbies


Our Giants are looking to keep their defense edgy and their offense hot as they face the Cubs for the first time this season.

This Week In Orange: Letter to Timmy


Dear Timmy: You’re taking the mound against the Miami Marlins this afternoon. And frankly, it makes me a little bit nervous.