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July 26, 2014

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AT&T PARK — Not a year after first no-hitting the Padres, Tim Lincecum did it again.
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On a hot and sweaty night in San Diego, two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum made history.

Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter: Who woulda thunk?

I woke up in a good mood Saturday. But I wasn’t prepared for 12 strikeouts in 148 pitches of sheer awesome.

Timmy takes down the Braves

Tim Lincecum went seven innings while Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt, and Marco Scutaro homered in a 5-1 win over the Braves.
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The new-look Tim Lincecum for 2013 wants to be both Clark Kent and Superman.

Lincecum chops his famously flowing hair

A hair stylist in Lincecum's stomping grounds confirmed No. 55 had in fact parted ways with his signature strands.

Letter to Timmy: NLCS Edition

I’m writing you not as a fan, not as a sportswriter, but as a little tutu-wearing blonde with little patience for Fox’s garbage announcers.

Zito penciled to start potential Game 4

For the last time, Giants Nation, we aren't out if yet. Plenty of teams have gone 0-2 in the LDS and have come back to win the series.

Lincecum’s next start? Who knows

Giants skipper Bruce Bochy said Wednesday that Tim Lincecum's regular start Sunday against San Diego was up in the air.

Lincecum’s excused absence from celebration

The Giants had a big party Saturday night, one at which Tim Lincecum was noticeably absent.
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This Week In Orange: Birthday Wishes

As is customary around my fete d'anniversaire, we are about to start up a three-game series with the flippin' Dodgers.

Lincecum: Odd man out in playoffs?

If the Giants make the playoffs, they will have to decide which starting pitcher to leave out of the rotation.
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This Week In Orange: The New Hotness

When I was trying to find some good victory music to blare in the Giants' honor, I instinctively looked for something old school.

This Week In Orange: Silver lining edition

In light of a piss-poor week at the yard, I'm going to try something new: Look at the positives and into the future.

Lincecum’s dad fires back at critics

Firing back at the media for "crucifying" his struggling son, Chris Lincecum said the press is "on their way" to driving Tim out of town.
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For whatever reason, no matter how much better our record is than theirs, the A's always seem to win against us.

Let Timmy pitch

It's frustrating to watch Tim Lincecum struggle. But his best path through a nightmare season leads right to a big league pitcher's mound every five days.

This Week In Orange: Letter to Timmy

Dear Timmy: You're taking the mound against the Miami Marlins this afternoon. And frankly, it makes me a little bit nervous.

Lincecum letting mind wander on mound

Tim Lincecum hasn't looked like the typical Freak Giants fans are used to seeing. Dave Righetti thinks he knows why.
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Dear Lincecum haters: shut up

That’s right. Take a needle and thread and stitch those big, negativity-spewing mouths of yours shut.
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Giants pay the Freak

It's not a long-term mega-contract, but the Giants and Tim Lincecum have reached agreement on a two-year deal.
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Lincecum set for record payday

The numbers are on the table. Now Tim Lincecum and the Giants wait to see if they will set a new record together.
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Lincecum, Giants stuck on contract

The Giants and Tim Lincecum are millions of dollars and years apart on a new deal for the two-time Cy Young winner.

Giants looking to extend Lincecum and Cain

Looks like Giants president Larry Baer is looking to sport the long-haired Timmy wig and a “Yes We Cain” sign for a couple more seasons.
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Giants need to pay Lincecum

Many Giants fans believe they need a big bat. But most agree their biggest priority is locking Tim Lincecum to a long-term deal.