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July 24, 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘Traffic’

Red-light cameras get Supreme Court boost

The California Supreme Court made it easier for prosecutors to use red-light camera evidence.

Boy on bike hit by truck, critically injured

A 3-year-old boy on a bicycle was struck by a truck near Golden Gate Park Thursday morning.
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Santa Cruz received a grant to automate traffic management on busy, tourist-packed streets.
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Masonic bicycle lanes get green light

Raised bicycle lanes are likely to replace 167 parking spaces along Masonic Avenue between Fell and Geary.
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Downtown drivers could face congestion fees

A congestion fee for downtown drivers could reduce congestion, improve safety and avoid perpetual gridlock.
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Of all the traffic hazards in San Francisco, a 20-foot sinkhole in the middle of the street may be the most unexpected.
Traffic could be a nightmare today in Palo Alto, but a new Mike Judge comedy series on Silicon Valley just might be worth it.
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After a year-and-a-half delay and only 350 bikes, Supervisor Wiener is disappointed by the bike-share program's slow progress.
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The Bay Area edged other areas in "mega-commuters," people who slog more than 90 minutes and 50 miles to work.

Wayward horses close freeway off-ramp

Two horses were seen just "hanging out" on the 680 northbound ramp in the Martinez area around 2 a.m. Sunday.
San Francisco tied L.A. for second place on a list detailing U.S. cities with the worst traffic.
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See that motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic? Not only is it perfectly legal, the State has issued guidelines on how it should be done.
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CHP wants pricey cameras for new Bay Bridge

A $31 million security system would train digital eyes on every cranny and nook of the new Bay Bridge span.
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Key Bay Area commutes cause bottle­necks

According to a new study, removing just one percent of drivers would really help congested Bay Area roads.
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Drugged-up drivers in a lane near you

A new survey shows twice as many California drivers tested positive for drugs than for alcohol.
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San Francisco is now the first city in the country to have a shared electric scooter system to cut around traffic.
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A new report shows bicycling in San Francisco has exploded in recent years, yet our infrastructure still lags.
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Slow traffic ahead on I-80

The slow-motion parade on I-80 between the Bay Bridge and I-580 has borne a novel solution: Dynamic speed limits.
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Inspired by similar programs in India and Singapore, engineers at Stanford hope some random cash can change people's commute habits.
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South Bay toll lanes debut Thursday

Your FasTrak transponder will help tally the bill for making your commute more predictable and in theory, quicker.

In The City, take your bike, trust me

Yesterday I drove my girlfriend's car to one of The City's less bike-friendly neighborhoods. I came to regret that decision.
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Bay taking bridge closure in stride

Commuters, we've been down this road before. Or, this road has been down before.
Parking in The City is an out and out nightmare. Up hills you go, round blocks, battling one-way streets, and on it goes.
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$3 for 10 minutes off your commute

The roads have been striped. The public has been warned. And next month, toll lanes are coming to the 237-880 interchange in the South Bay.
Riding through the Fell and Oak corridor on a bicycle can be a terrifying experience.
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Panhandle gets red light camera

Red light violators at Fell and Masonic will soon receive in the mail the worst, most expensive photo of themselves since middle school.