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July 26, 2014

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Relatives of a UC Berkeley student diagnosed with measles have also contracted the disease.
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Cal has produced more volunteers for the Peace Corps than any other school since 1961.
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Cal finds its new Provost on The Farm

Stanford education dean Claude Steele has been chosen as the next UC Berkeley provost.
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A new UC Berkeley study found that stuff you're smearing on your lips could be toxic to your health.

NASA orders up new satellite from UC Berkeley

NASA is forking over $200 million to create a satellite that will determine how Earth's weather affects weather in space.
Though almost half of all U.S. college students don't graduate in six years, UC Berkeley has kept its graduation rates high.
Two office buildings in Emeryville were evacuated this morning after a bomb threat.

Boalt dolt pleads guilty in exotic bird death

One of the two UC Berkeley law students accused of killing an exotic bird in Las Vegas pleaded guilty in court.
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Key Bay Area commutes cause bottle­necks

According to a new study, removing just one percent of drivers would really help congested Bay Area roads.
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Law school bros face charges over beheaded bird

Two UC Berkeley law students face criminal charges after allegedly beheading an exotic bird at a Las Vegas resort.
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iPhone earthquake detector fits in your pocket

Want to predict earthquakes with your smartphone? Well, there's (almost) an app for that.

25-year-old wins seat on BART board

It's out with the old and in with the new at BART, as voters replaced a veteran board member with a 25-year-old Cal grad.
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Higher education wins big in California

For college students, confetti doesn't mean much. Try another kind of paper — cool, green cash.
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Size matters for hermit crabs, says study

When it comes to real estate, the bigger, the better for hermit crabs. And they'll do anything to get it.

Struggling Daily Cal moves to new home

The struggling campus paper is getting help in times of financial crisis by paying just $1 rent a year on a new building.
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Hikers spot mountain lions in Berkeley

UC police are advising hikers to be careful after multiple sightings of a mountain lion and her cubs near the Greek Theater.

Berkeley reverses plans for armored car

After criticism from residents, the Berkeley and Albany police departments said they would no longer be pursuing a grant to buy an armored car.

Cleaner gas makes for higher prices

California's high standards when it comes to environmentally-sensitive gasoline also means higher prices at the pumps.

UC Berkeley hopes kids can teach computers

A UC Berkeley project is aimed at figuring out what kind of “software” children’s brains are running on and how to apply it to modern technology.

Cal students get much-needed puppy love

Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation is out to prove that a little puppy love can go a long way.

Occupy protesters turned farmers

Occupiers took over UC-owned land destined to become a Whole Foods Market and turned it into a farm.

Sitting in for change at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley, you've been put on notice: Protesters are demanding changes to your admission policies.
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Work on Memorial Stadium almost done

After more than a year of construction, Memorial Stadium is almost ready, with plenty of time before the first kickoff of the season.

Filthy humans covered in germs

Stop worrying about germs on a public restroom doorknob, because there is a new bacteria carrier in town: You.
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The rich don’t care about anybody else

Rich people are more likely to cut people off in their fancy cars and eat candy reserved for children, a new study shows.

Berkeley sold $1 million artwork for $150

It's the dream of every bargain-hunting, Antiques Roadshow-watching deal hawk in the country. And it actually happened.
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Occupy Cal back on campus

Protesters have returned to UC Berkeley with seven tents and a giant eight-foot tall red mushroom.
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What could you do with 15 seconds warning of a big earthquake? How about a minute?

Deadly epidemic ravaging Bay Area trees

In sad news for trees and tree huggers everywhere, a new report finds that a deadly plant disease that affects California live oaks and black oaks is spreading further than expected. Sudden oak disease spreads through waterways and rainfall, coldly…

Bake sale criticized for making light of racism

Can’t we all just share a giant black and white cookie and get along? As evidence by the intense debate being whipped up over tomorrow’s “racist bake sale” at the University of Berkeley, the answer is no. KGO-TV reports The…