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July 24, 2014

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The investigation did not corroborate reports that birds had been put through a wood chipper.
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Gophers, squirrels blamed for Bay toxins

Small rodents are being blamed for the release of dangerous toxins into San Francisco Bay.
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Starfish are dying from a 'sea star wasting disease,' turning entire species into goo.
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Pot farm poison suspected in owl deaths

UC Davis research suggests rat poison planted by pot farmers could be killing owls in Northern California.
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Baby swans emerge at Palace of Fine Arts

After a tough few years for the swans at the Palace of Fine Arts, things may finally be ready to turn the corner.
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Sonoma Coast welcomes new seal pups

Seal pup season has officially started with cute baby seals beginning to appear all along the Sonoma County Coast.
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For the first time in more than 150 years, beavers have been spotted along the Guadalupe River.

Wayward horses close freeway off-ramp

Two horses were seen just "hanging out" on the 680 northbound ramp in the Martinez area around 2 a.m. Sunday.
A wayward coyote trapped in a backyard at 18th and Capp is offering investigators few clues on how it ended up in the middle of the Mission.
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Pier 39 sea lions ring in 23 years of howling

The City's famously loud sea lions have officially resided at Pier 39 for 23 years this month.

Boalt dolt pleads guilty in exotic bird death

One of the two UC Berkeley law students accused of killing an exotic bird in Las Vegas pleaded guilty in court.
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Zoo pens eulogy to departed chimp

The SF Zoo posted a heartfelt farewell to Tallulah, their "Matriarch Of The Chimpanzees," who died Sunday.
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Law school bros face charges over beheaded bird

Two UC Berkeley law students face criminal charges after allegedly beheading an exotic bird at a Las Vegas resort.
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Zoo penguins croon for Christmas

Who's black and white, really cute, and smells vaguely of fish? A bunch of penguins from the San Francisco Zoo.
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Sharp Park golfers win in court

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by environmental groups that had threatened to close the 80-year-old Pacifica golf course.
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Alien ‘devil birds’ invade Lake Merced

Great-tailed grackles, known by feather-followers as "devil birds," have swooped into residence at Lake Merced.
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Surfing dolphins soar at Ocean Beach

When David Cruz reached out with pictures of frolicking cetaceans, we couldn't help but notice: These guys are having fun.
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Where Marin’s wild things are

At the Point Reyes National Seashore, cameras have caught nearly 60 rarely-seen species.
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BART’s million-dollar pigeon poop plan

A nice chunk of BART's surplus is being hurled toward their ongoing battle with pigeons and pigeon poop.
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Sea otters fend off global warming

Researchers say sea otters and their taste for sea urchin help to palliate our planet's warming atmosphere.
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Rabid bats haunt Lake Merced

A fifth rabid bat found near Lake Merced this year has prompted a warning from health officials.
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City’s wild parrots color up the Richmond

A company of chirpy, bright-green wild parrots were spotted near 27th and Balboa this week.

There’s a camel in them there hills

Residents of a Pittsburg apartment complex have noticed a new, humped neighbor roaming around their property.
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Surfing with dolphins at Ocean Beach

Catching a break at Ocean Beach isn't always easy. Especially when other species get into the mix.
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Rare turtles swimming our way again

Local biologists are hoppin' excited over a healthy jump in leatherback turtle sightings off the Northern California coast.

Hope soars for brown pelicans

Sixteen rehabilitated pelicans were released near Sausalito -- good news for a species that's been plagued with illness and starvation.
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Hikers spot mountain lions in Berkeley

UC police are advising hikers to be careful after multiple sightings of a mountain lion and her cubs near the Greek Theater.
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Feds give whales right of way

In the battle of whales against cargo ships, the majestic mammal often loses. But a new maritime plan seeks to change all that.
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Battle ship birdies brace for babies

Heard of The Little Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe? How about The Two Little Gulls Who Lived On A Cannon?
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Tasty, pricey abalone tempt poachers

At $100 per abalone and up, the profits of abalone poaching can sometimes be too much to resist.

The curious case of the cougar attack

Authorities are skeptical of an 18-year-old bicyclist's story about a mountain lion encounter in the Los Gatos hills Wednesday.
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Pipe down, Bay Area

The scrub jay, a bird common to the Bay Area, may be packing up to find a new, quieter home.

Elusive whale finally freed of nets

A whale that eluded rescuers a month ago was untangled off the Sonoma coast by NorCal crabbers.
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Get stoked, whale watchers

A banner year for gray whales means you don't even have to get on a boat and re-discover what you ate.
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New little shark is a big deal

Hardly a threat to humans, this new species of shark discovered by the California Academy of Sciences may be at risk from people.
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Death penalty for salmon-gorging sea lions

Three sea lions have paid the ultimate price for feasting on salmon on the Columbia River.
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