Second grader breaks Golden Gate swim record


Even though it’s only Friday, we’re going to go ahead and name Ella Woodhead our Bay Area person of the week. When most of us were sloppily hitting the snooze button on our alarms yesterday morning, seven-year-old Woodhead was in her wetsuit getting ready to plunge into the choppy waters under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Shortly after sunrise, the second grader delved into the cold bay water at Fort Point and about an hour and 15 minutes later, emerged in Marin County — making her the youngest person to swim the length of the bridge.

“I thought about warm and happy things, warm showers and hot chocolate,” said Woodhead of her mile-long swim.

Now you’d think her accomplishment (and the fact that she did it for a good cause), would earn her the rest of the day watching Spongebob and sipping hot cocoas in bed, but like the trooper she is, Woodward still made it to school that day.

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