Immortalize Fido in his own ashes

If you’ve ever wanted a portrait of a dearly departed loved one that is printed from their own cremated ashes, your time has come.

If you haven’t, well, you’re probably like the other 99.99 percent of us.

Last month, Fremont startup Eternal Life Imaging debuted a patented new twist on printing techniques to create various-sized prints of your dearly departed pet, parent, sibling or other loved one using a portion of their ashes. About a cup of ash is needed to create 5-by-7 inch up to a 30-by-40 inch prints from a photograph of your choice. Multiple prints are also available.

ELI incorporates your loved one’s ashes directly into the ink for the prints. They’re printed on museum-grade paper; its 100-year lifespan means you should be able to pass your relished portrait on to your loved ones after you die.

A 5-by-7 inch print will set your back $350, while a 30-by-40 costs $750.  ELI will be glad to add a frame in gold or black for another couple of hundred bucks.

As stated so eloquently from ELI’s own website:

“Commemorate significant moments in your lifeprints that could not be any more personal, because they contain a bit of you.”