Begging for a burrito joint


Locals in the Richmond are desperate. Desperate for a taqueria, and not just any taqueria, “a really yummy one.”

Richmond residents seem to be feeling neglected while other San Francisco neighborhoods, like the Mission, are brimming with authentic Mexican food options available to them.

At least one burrito enthusiast has become so saddened by the lack of carne asada that they have resorted to placing large signs on abandoned storefronts begging for a taqueria to park their delicious guacamole and salsa in their neighborhood.

Uptown Almanac reported seeing one such sign outside a former Korean restaurant, Namu, located on 6th & Balboa. Richmond SF, spotted a similar sign on the corner of Clement and 10th Avenue where a 7-11 used to be located.

To best address the multicultural flavor of the Richmond, the signs are written in English, Spanish and Chinese just to make sure they get the point across.

So, if anyone in the Richmond is willing to open up a taqueria or five, it sounds like you’ll have a line of customers out your door. Who knows, you may even become a hero.

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