Gas prices smack you right in the face


You want a smack in the face?

Like, I’m talking a real slap in the face?

Like, Dave-Chapelle-in-Rick-James-garb slap in the face?

I’m pretty sure recent gas prices achieve that.

Fuel prices in California took a jump last week—because they weren’t already too high, apparently—to as much as 16 cents more per gallon.

And it looks like we could be in for another rise in the almost-instant future.

A slow spring for West Coast refineries has forced the California average for gas prices up to $4.23 per gallon.

These problems—small issues like mini outages and other refinery issues—are cutting at the supply of California’s “special blend of clean burning gas.” This could cause prices to rise an additional 20 cents within the next few days.

That’s right. 20 cents.

Charlie Murphy! What did the gas prices say to the face? SLLLLLAP!!

However, there is belief that this rise won’t last too long.

Tom Robinson, president of Rotten Robbie, told the Merc that since the recent price spike:

“…is related to refiner problems, I don’t think the increases will last long, but they’re currently very ugly.”

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