Racist hate mail targets Filipino-Americans

Somewhere among the quiet cul-de-sacs of American Canyon lies an ugly secret.

The answer to who sent hateful, phony letters to Filipino-Americans could be lurking somewhere in the secluded North Bay community. And that has police interested in the motive of the sender.

Filipino-American residents reported receiving the anonymous letter purporting to be from the California Board of Cosmetology. The letter begins by referencing a bogus expired license, then launches into hate speech targeting Filipinos and mixed couples:

“We are attempting to have our community a law abiding one (sic), without having yet another gang of Filipino scum such as yourself and married daughters who have attempted to assimilate into this once clean non-Filipino dominated area…”

The letter continues:

“… your female offspring who have aligned themselves with CAUCASION (sic) husbands to assure their half-breed children have “straight noses in order to be accepted in non-Filipino society.”

The letter, signed “Concerned American Canyon Neighbors,” stirred community members and leaders to march Wednesday afternoon in support of those targeted.

American Canyon City Manager told KGO-TV the “shocking” and “appalling” letter did not reflect the values of the greater American Canyon community:

“We have always valued our Filipino, as well as all the races here, and it’s just not part of this community’s core values.”