SF officer may have been shot by partner


The bullet that wounded a San Francisco police officer over the weekend now appears as though it may have come from his partner’s gun.

San Francisco police initially reported that officer Adam Shaw was struck by a bullet fired from the gun of suspect Jeffrey Miguel Ruano. But SFPD spokesman Gordon Shyy said Monday in a statement that police “can’t say conclusively” who fired the shot.

The incident took place when Shaw — a six-year veteran working out of Mission Station — and his partner responded to a call reporting malicious activity near Garfield Square on Saturday afternoon.

After pulling over the car driven by Ruano, 50, the officers began to approach the vehicle for questioning. It was then that Ruano allegedly began backing up towards the approaching officers, prompting Shaw’s partner to open fire.

Police initially believed that Shaw was struck in the left shoulder by a bullet from Ruano, but are now looking into whether the injury was a result of friendly fire amid a chaotic scene.

While not ruling out the possibility yet, Officer Gordon Shyy said in a statement that without finding the bullet that struck Shaw, the incident will be hard to decipher.

 “Without recovering that bullet, it will be difficult to determine which firearm discharged that specific bullet … At this point in the investigation, we can’t say conclusively who shot Officer Shaw.”

Ruano fled the scene of the shooting, abandoning his car in Daly City. He was spotted around 11 p.m. driving a white sedan in Richmond, accompanied by two females.

After refusing to pull over, Ruano allegedly led officers on a high-speed chase into San Jose where he was eventually apprehended.

Ruano was found with .38 caliber cartridges found in his pockets, though the accompanying gun was not on him at the time of arrest.

The rounds found in Ruano’s pockets may play a vital role in uncovering who shot officer Shaw, as police are issued .40 caliber handguns.

Once recovered, investigators should be able to determine whether or not it was Ruano who fired at Shaw. According to police, Ruano is currently being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, ammunition possession, driving in excess of 100 mph and evading officers.

Officer Shaw is currently recovering in San Francisco General Hospital and is said to be in good spirits.

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