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Car drives through homeless encampment

A vehicle left an Interstate Highway 80 off-ramp in San Francisco this morning and went through a homeless encampment injuring several people, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The first report of the incident was at 1:08 a.m. The vehicle hit a parked vehicle near Fifth and Harrison streets after traveling through the homeless encampment, according to the CHP. The San Francisco Fire Department responded to the encampment and a fire department official said the injuries at this time to the parties are probably minor.

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  1. Golden Gate Shark says:

    The progressives that love the homeless and hate cars are going to have a field day with this story

  2. Fatz Treeboy says:

    a while back the same thing happened and a man was killed sleeping in his tent. it’s tough to be on the street. be kind to the homeless no matter how funky they r :)

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