San Jose police chief tackles escaping suspect


The chief of the San Jose Police Department tackled and apprehended a man who is suspected of murder and was running while handcuffed from a police parking lot in San Jose Monday morning, police said.

Chief Larry Esquivel was driving onto the parking lot off Mission Street at about 8:45 a.m. when he saw Hector Flores Arias sprinting toward him. The chief got out of his car and told the Arias to stop but Arias did not stop. The chief attempted to tackle Arias but failed and Arias ran toward the parking lot gate and left police grounds.

Esquivel chased Arias on nearby streets where he was able to tackle and apprehend him. Arias is a 26-year-old San Jose resident who had been a fugitive since 2009. San Jose police will be conducting an investigation into the escape.

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