Eleven car break-ins strike Cal in May


Eleven auto burglaries have occurred in May on or near the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California police said.

In nearly all of the incidents, drivers left valuables in their cars and burglars smashed windows to get the goods, according to police.

Police said that random and dedicated patrols will continue.

Police suggest drivers avoid leaving valuables in their car where valuables are visible, closing all windows and locking all doors before walking away from the vehicle and parking in well lit, populated areas.

Police are advising drivers to trust their instincts, be aware of their surroundings and avoid parking next to occupied vehicles.

Police also suggest removing all forms of identification from the vehicle, while keeping copies of the vehicle registration and proof of insurance in the driver’s wallet. Anyone who may drive the vehicle should also have a copy of the registration and proof of insurance.

Also, police suggest making a note of emergency or pay phones nearby.

Anyone that sees a suspicious person or activity can call the university police when they feel safe by dialing 911 or 642-3333 from a cellphone or by using a campus Blue Light emergency phone.

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