CHP officers talk jumper down from overpass

Officers with the California Highway Patrol’s Oakland Division talked a man out of jumping into traffic from a busy highway overpass this morning in Berkeley, according to the CHP.

The incident was reported on Interstate Highway 80 at the University Avenue over-crossing around 11:15 a.m., according to Officer Sean Wilkenfeld:

“We got multiple calls of a man standing on the outside that looked like he was going to jump.”

Officers were dispatched to the scene, and they successfully talked him down. He was subsequently transported to a medical facility for a psychological evaluation, according to Wilkenfeld.

This is the third such instance involving a potentially suicidal subject on a freeway overpass, Wilkenfeld said, and it’s something they’ve trained for:

“We do have an advanced level of training for mental illness and suicidal subjects, and that’s within the last two years.”