Crow rescued by police released into wild

Injured Crow
Crow No. 1730 was released to the wild Wednesday after recovering from being run over by a San Rafael police officer on a bicycle.

An injured crow rescued by a San Rafael police officer was released back into the wild Wednesday after suffering a compound fracture to its wing, police said.

Officer Phil Melodia watched Crow No. 1730 take its first steps and take flight after two months of rehabilitation.

Melodia ran over the crow with his police mountain bike in November, but helped save it by taking it to Wildcare, an animal rescue center in San Rafael.

Wildcare staff treated the bird with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine, police said.

Melodia asked Wildcare officials if he could visit the crow, but Wildcare policy doesn’t allow people to visit recovering animals.

But Wildcare officials told Melodia he could watch the crow’s release into the wild if its wing healed, according to police.

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