BART February ridership sets monthly record


Bolstered by Super Bowl crowds, BART set a record in February for average monthly weekday ridership, a BART spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The average for last month was 446,650, compared with a record of 446,008 set in October 2015, spokeswoman Alicia Trost said.

During the last year, the number of BART riders has grown three percent, down from 6 growth percent in previous years because trains can hold only so many people.

The busiest weekday for BART was in 2012 when San Francisco held a victory parade for the World Series champion San Francisco Giants, Trost said. The second busiest day was when Oakland held a victory parade for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

Three of the top ten busiest days, including the third busiest day, were when San Francisco was hosting Super Bowl City.

BART’s performance during Super Bowl Week, especially its on-time performance, was good, according to BART officials. On-time performance was better than 90 percent despite the pressure to move so many people.

Also, few medical or equipment problems occurred, which could have caused delays, Trost said.

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