Monk kettles runaway piglet near Dolores Park

Brother Damian & Janice the Piglet
Brother Damian with the Society of Saint Francis poses with "Janice" the piglet after rescuing the escaped animal near 19th and Dolores in San Francisco.

A Franciscan monk plucked a runaway piglet to safety Tuesday morning after the animal was reported running in traffic near 19th and Dolores in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The piglet was reported running in traffic in the area of 19th and Dolores streets this morning between 7 and 7:30 a.m., and by the time animal control officers arrived on the scene a crowd had gathered to try to catch her, according to Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Deb Campbell.

The piglet, who has since been dubbed “Janice,” was eventually captured by Brother Damian with the Society of Saint Francis, a nearby Franciscan society.

Campbell noted:

“Only in San Francisco could a wayward piglet expect to be rescued by a representative of the Patron Saint of Animals.”

The pig is doing well and resting comfortably this afternoon. No one has come forward to claim her yet, but if she is not claimed in five days she will likely be turned over to a rescue group, officials said.

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