More buffalo to roam Oakland Zoo


Between 16 and 21 bison calves will be moving to the Oakland Zoo this fall as part of the zoo’s “California Trail” expansion project, according to zoo officials.

Zoo officials said the project will more than double the zoo’s size and will consist of 56 acres exhibiting several animals native to California, including the bison.

President and CEO of the Oakland Zoo, Dr. Joel Parrott said in a statement:

“This is a great opportunity for the Oakland Zoo to support conservation in the field, provide education programs about bison to our youth, and to expose the people of Northern California to the Blackfeet Nation effort to return buffalo to Blackfeet land.”

Zoo officials said both the Oakland Zoo and Blackfeet Nation will share in educating youth and zoo patrons about bison conservation and culture preservation.

According to zoo officials, the bison will be allowed to breed naturally and each year the yearling offspring will be returned to tribal lands in Montana.

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