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New BART train crashes on test run

A new train car crashed into a sand berm at low speed on BART’s test track in Hayward Friday afternoon, according to BART officials.

The crash occurred around 1:55 p.m. when the train overshot the end of the track, partially going into a sand berm.

BART spokesman Taylor Huckabee said in a prepared statement:

“Today we were testing our train operators and familiarizing the train operators with the new car. … It is not at all clear whether it was operator error or some other cause that caused the train to overshoot the end of the track.”

Huckabee said the train was going less than 10 mph, and all trains on that section of track travel at five to 10 mph.

No major damage or injuries were reported, and the train never left the tracks, according to BART officials.

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