Marin County confirms first Zika case


A person who was in Central America recently is Marin County’s first confirmed case of the Zika virus, Marin County health officials said Tuesday.

The Aedes mosquitoes that primarily spread the virus have not been detected in Marin County, the county’s Department of Health and Human Services said.

The single confirmed case is not a risk to the community, health officials said.

There have been Zika virus outbreaks in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and in Central and South America.

Marin County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Lisa Santora said:

“Although currently there is no risk for local transmission, our residents could be exposed to Zika virus through travel or sexual contact with anyone infected with Zika.”

At risk of contracting the virus are people who recently traveled to a Zika outbreak area and were bitten by mosquitoes there and people who have unprotected sex with a male who lives or recently traveled to an outbreak area.

Unborn babies may be at risk if a woman is infected while pregnant. The virus may cause microcephaly in those babies, health officials said.

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